Lucky in Las Vegas

Lucky in Las Vegas

We were really inspired by the 37th edition of Champs Trade Show, Las Vegas. The highlights of the trip were meeting so many budding brilliant entrepreneurs, businesses and artists across the cannabis ecosystem and then being able to align on a dime, in real time and in professional person.

Our Shatterizer mission to Nevada, was to not only explore sin city’s legal market (VIVA Las Vegas), but to see best practices, learn of innovation and meet the best potential partners, with a hand shake, a sincere smile and perfect clouds!  We officially left Las Vegas … with no Shatterizer’s left in our suit cases … but a couple of really great stories to share of the people we met.  

Highlights included:

The Dabbing Granny

Meeting the legendary Dabbing Granny and getting a warm grandma style hug from her was uplifting. Nominated as one of TOP 100 most influential people in the cannabis industry over the past year by High Times, we appreciated her warmth, love and activism with all that she does for the cannabis community and beyond.  She is our hero shot in this post!

KandyPen Team

Meeting the KandyPen team and geeking out on their extensive product line (and colors) was needless to say exciting, along side the “Ladies of Paradise - Women, Weed, Fashion.” As a marketing powerhouse and the industry leader… we were happy to fit in with the Lifestylish.

We were greeted with kindness and got some extra special inspiration in a chance introduction to KandyPen’s Chief Financial Officer … we sincerely admire KandyPen’s leadership style and company success! The two must go hand in hand – from top down to bottom up!

Randy’s Inventor Michael Wiedle

We are lucky to have such open dialogue with our Shatterizer customers – we learn new things from them everyday – thank you! One tip n trick came in recently, to place the borosilicate glass into the freezer, giving it a chillingly lovely feel and taste …. Well, we had the pleasure of meeting Michael Wiedle who invented such a product – with the first freezable tube vaporizer, as the Director of Marketing and media for Randy’s.  

The Chewy Grinder Inventor Ronan Woods

Ronan Woods has the best jokes ever … we discovered upon meeting in Los Angeles initially… and more importantly The Chewy Grinder is the best electric grinder available in the space. With his second invention The CHUBE just released it was an exciting time to meet. Coming all the way from Ireland and distributing globally, this impressive Design & Engineering Director told us all about how crazy it was to actually meet Snoop Dog…

Big-E Rigg by Hyer Elevated Living Founders 

Coming from our local market and accelerating hardware versatility at warp speed with heat in 90 seconds – it was absolutely wonderful to meet all the Co-Founders of, also inventors of the Big-E. “The Future is Torchless” with this unique quartz glass vaporization element that fits 90% of glass pieces with 48 W of power.

Angela Mazzanti 

Photographer, model and a flat out all round sweetheart, Angela Mazzanti made our day with a gorgeous pic, her generous heart and stunning smile! We are super fans Angela!

To see all the complete Las Vegas tour from Champs Trade Show to the infamous strip check out our dedicated Facebook Las Vegas album or our lifestylish Instagram feed.  Despite the pool being closed for cold cold cold weather - we were feeling pretty lucky leaving!  But … before we left Matt couldn’t help but trying to pawn our final Shatterizer vaporizer at the Pawn Shop …

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We also met up with Los Marijuanos #PuffTuff Pony Boy – see him sending perfect clouds over Las Vegas here (warning explicit).

The Shatterizer team is heading back to Vegas ... March 11-15 - and we can hardly wait to see you! DM US - let's do lunch :)