Winnipeg 420 - it is coming up!

Winnipeg 420 - it is coming up!

The Shatterizer VapeFam is looking forward to supporting Steven Stairs of the Winnipeg 420 Organizing Committee on 4/20 this year, in Winnipeg. This wonderful annual festival that aligns the cannabis community happens at the Manitoba Legislative Building.

Mr. Stairs is #VapeFamous for his industry expertise and articulate political perseverance. Catch him on the radio like AM 680, CBC, Global or in our blog post at last years Hempfest Expo fundraising for the organization…

Going to celebrate 420 in Winnipeg? Well, You may see the ‘S’ symbol on the poster, over hear us over the loud speakers – you may even acquire the newest Shatterizer Silver or Shatterizer Black model through shhhhhhh silent auction … Just look for Steven (in his Shatterizer Hat) – and #Perfect Clouds!

Better yet, to learn more, volunteer and get active with the Winnipeg 420 Organizing Committee - reach Steven directly about how you can get involved. Please connect with him via Facebook, he’s so personable he may even invite you into his living room for a meeting!

Make sure to visit Winnipeg 420 on Facebook: