Herbalizer Vaporizer

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Herbalizer Vaporizer

Please Note: This is the 110v Herbalizer Vaporizer.

The Herbalizer lets you experience the advantages of essential oils, and natural remedies, in a classic aromatherapy or vapor-therapy mode. What’s more, you can vape at temperatures up to 445 degrees with fully no risk of combustion. This is totally extraordinary within the realm of vaporization and San Diego-based Herbalizer is proud to deliver unexampled vapor skillfulness in an engineered medical device that's designed and assembled within the USA. Add a hidden storage compartment, an internal halogen bulb to supply instant heating, and four distinct delivery methods, will almost guarantee, you’ll fall in love!

Herbalizer Vaporizer - Vaping Methods

  1. Balloon Bag

The Herbalizer’s easy-squeeze valve balloon system is pure simplicity. Squeeze, attach, and fill with pure, flavorful vapor that uses the internal fan. Herbalizer recommends that you replace your balloon bag after each two months of continual use. There are 3 further bags enclosed in each Herbalizer Vaporizer starter kit.

  1. Integrated Whip

Convenient and uncomplicated, the Herbalizer’s integrated, medical-grade silicon whip gets an elective boost from a strong, whisper quiet fan. You may be asking yourself what “integrated” means? Merely that the whip is constructed into (a.k.a. “integrated with”) the Herbalizer vape housing unit which conveniently wraps around the heating chamber, keeping it safe and out of the way when not in use.

  1. Freestyle

Freestyle means that you are emitting pure vapor from the Herbalizer’s bowl directly into the air– no muss, no fuss. This setting is ideal for practitioners of yoga, massage, reiki, or meditation as it adds a potpourri effect, and offers more than simply a nice smell; essential oils or botanicals vaporized through the Herbalizer vaporizer offer noticeable holistic advantages.


Easy & Intuitive

Beautifully designed, the Herbalizer vaporizer features a sleek, luxurious aesthetic and clam-shell like housing unit which opens to reveal an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. The heating chamber itself features a magnetic snap-lid, another first in the vaporizer business, something that vapor connoisseurs have been searching for years. Developed with safety, sophistication and satisfaction in mind, the Herbalizer team spent 4 years on R&D, spearheaded by two NASA engineers, surveyed the vape landscape to fine-tune and integrate all of the best existing methods with enhancements from the vaping community into a tool that addresses all of the aspects of a superior home vape expertise.

For additional panache, the Herbalizer vaporizer designers customized a very of friendly acknowledgement messages that welcome you throughout the boot-up method. The entire experience is designed with user happiness, and health in mind. Even the tiny details, from a “talking” temperature screen, to the company’s mission of providing unflawed performance for the discerning patient and shopper.

Bottom Line:

The Herbalizer vape is the results of NASA minds putting their heads together, while also working with the input of vape consultants, and critics from round the world. The result? The Herbalizer vaporizer is one smart machine. No confusing assembly required. No extraneous accessories. No material left out. But the thing of all is there’s no waiting to vape!


NASA-Strength Versatility

The Herbalizer vaporizer introduces vapor-therapy. The natural evolution of aromatherapy, vapor-therapy is the process of vaporizing products for the aim of therapeutic relaxation. The Herbalizer vaporizer lets you control the intensity of your expertise with correct heat settings, from 290 – 445°F. Customize the advantages of your favorite herbs, oils, and concentrates through precise extractions and repeatable effects.

Classic Aromatherapy

From relaxation to rejuvenation, create your ideal setting in the Herbalizer’s aromatherapy mode. Set the timer to a few minutes, or an hour, then set the fan to Quiet and enjoy the aromatic advantages of your favorite essential oils. Need to deodorize? Give the Herbalizer’s DeFunk mix of oil (included with purchase) specifically developed to “get the funk” out. The Herbalizer is the most versatile vaporizer ever created.

Mezzanine Storage

Who knew the mysterious oyster would yield the chic pearl? Pack your dry herbs, oils, waxes and aromatherapy blends discreetly out of sight within the Herbalizer’s mezzanine hold located in the higher lid. This is another first. Nowhere in the vaporizer pantheon, have we seen a system that is this self-sustaining, providing internal storage for all the necessary pieces.


 Touch Screen Temperature Control

The hallmark of the Herbalizer vaporizer is its ease of use. This can be no more apparent than with the intense digital liquid crystal display bit screen. Using this colourful show, patients can quickly and simply dial in their most well-liked temperature for either aromatherapy or vapor-therapy mode. Typically this feature is most relevant to the vapor-therapy mode, but it is essential to understand specifically what temperature your herbs are heating at no matter what the uptake you select. The display will be custom-built to work in Fahrenheit or Celsius and an intuitive temperature dial, which is regulated by an internal microchip, which conjointly monitors the temperature of the 300W group lamp.

Temperature Memory System

When you awaken the Herbalizer vaporizer, the internal microprocessor can store the previous temperature setting for quick usage and straightforward aromatherapy enjoyment. What’s great concerning this feature is that you will dial in a precise temperature level between 290 and 445 degrees Fahrenheit. From 290 to 330 degrees Fahrenheit is the “Uplifting” zone, meaning that the volatized flowers offer an alert, uplifting and awakened feeling. Moving up to the 350-445 zone is the “Intense” zone which produces dense, heavy vapor that delivers lots of impactful elation with slightly longer-lasting effects.

Fail-Safe Mechanism

The Herbalizer vaporizer is also equipped with instantly intuitive fail-safe systems powered by the interior pc. One of these fail-safes is that the Over Temperature Shutoff which implies the interior microprocessor can astutely regulate the lamp temperature and build progressive changes inside hundredths of a second of any deviation from the chosen temperature level. The other exceptional fail-safe that is exclusive to the Herbalizer is that the Tip-Over Auto-Shutoff, which will sense once the equilibrium of the vaporizer has been agitated. That means if you, your pet, or your over-enthusiastic friend accidentally knocks over the Herbalizer vaporizer, have no fear. The Herbalizer vaporizer will shut down in real time, remember your selected temperature, and since there’s a magnetic seal on the heating chamber, none of your materials will be wasted!


Included Accessories with the Herbalizer Vape:

  • 4 x Squeeze-Valve Balloons
  • 1 x 3ft Silicone Tubing
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Magnetic Bowl
  • 1 x Stash Box
  • 1 x Grinder Card
  • 1 x 2ml DeFunk Essential Oil
  • 2 x Aroma-pads
  • 2 x Spare Bowl Screens
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Vapor-therapy aromatherapy blend
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 1 x Power cord