Bello Vapor Tap Vaporizer

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This item is no longer available, but you may want to look at the Zenco Duo or Flow as an alternative! Click links below!

Zenco Duo $243.99 

Zenco Flow $243.99 

 Or check out the Pulsar Sipper for another option!

Bello is an expertly designed product that provides users with an easily shared experience via an automated "Vapor Tap." A part of your decor, Bello serves as a port for a stylish cocktailstyle glass that smoothly fills with vapor.

It is easy-to-use, automatic, and compatible with the widely popular 510 thread cartridges. The refreshingly simple experience allows consumers to automatically fill their own wine shaped glass with vapor. When sharing wine or scotch, there's a reason every guest at a party doesn't drink out of the same cup. Bello is an elegant solution to sharing your vapables.

Every Bello comes with a pair of glasses...who will you invite?

Automatic filling, instant heat-up, and dishwasher safe glass.

Compatible for cartridges, flower, and concentrates!

*Designed for vapor therapy use only

1x Bello Vapor Tap
2x Glasses
2x Vapor Diffusers
1x Travel Bag
1x Swappable Battery
Soft Touch Enclosure
510 Thread Power Connector (Through-Pin Airflow)
Vegan Leather Travel Bag
LED Single-Button On/Off
Oil-Free Air Pump Unibody Black Oxide Steel Button Cover
Dynamic "Fire" Button Suspension with triple redundancy
Removable Food-Grade Silicone Diffuser
Swappable 3,000 mAh Li-Ion Battery

Bello Pack Features:

1 - Bello Vaporizer

2 - Glasses

1 - 510 Ceramic Concentrate Coil

1 - USB Charging Lanyard

1 - Travel Case

1 Year Warranty