Hello and welcome to Shatterizer.com

Shatterizer™ was founded by smokers and vapers who don’t fit the traditional image. We are more about the 7:20 vape than the 4:20. We feel this part of the market has been under serviced. We know that as a busy professional, and a family person, you don’t have time to check out all the new products that are coming to market. That is what we are here for!

Shatterizer has come about as a result of our own personal experience as consumers over many years, and believe we are witnessing a great revolution in what we consume, and how we consume it.

In just the past few years the dry herbs, and concentrates industry has changed dramatically, and along with it the vaporizers. So who has time to surf the many bulky websites looking for what you may, or may not want? Yeah, we know, they can be overwhelming. This site aims to do the research for you. We have selected the products for each category such as “dry herbs,”  “concentrates,” that we believe are the best in industry.  We have done the research for you, and want to make your shopping experience as easy as possible.

Through our blog, and social media outlets, our goal is to educate, and keep you up to date on the ever evolving vaporizer, and medicinal herbs and concentrates industry.

Whether you are a new vaper, or a seasoned veteran, we will help you find the right products for your needs, and we will do it with discretion!

Our mission is to provide you with a friendly, and helpful shopping experience!

We can’t wait!