The BUBBLER by Shatterizer is the newest and most innovative cannabis concentrate vaporizer to hit the market, offering the highest level of enjoyment. This hybrid device, two-in-one “portable and desktop” model, has a perfect BUBBLER borosilicate glass water feature. We’re making a splash and shattering expectations with our NEW all-inclusive kit, which comes in a protective and discreet carrying case.  
We wish you even more #PerfectClouds, Shatterizer Family!

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The Bubbler by Shatterizer includes:

Water Feature Attachment

Enjoyable, easy to fill and simple to clean, the BUBBLER water feature offers the most flavourful extracts experience ever! This borosilicate glass attachment, with the distinctive globe shape that Shatterizer is renown for, has a unique water and air filtration system and self-regulates. By increasing airflow and reducing vapor temperature our BUBBLER water feature attachment heightens #PerfectClouds.

The BUBBLER kit also comes with our original borosilicate glass globe, for convenience! 

Battery with Up Lighting and Atomizer Base

The empowered lithium-ion (18650) BUBBLER battery has 1400 mAh. It comes with a standard 510 thread and an un-standard up lighting feature! The up lighting highlights the 3 variable voltage heat settings (and bubbles).

Three clicks to vary temps: RED is the lowest setting (3.2 V or 20 Watt), BLUE the medium setting (3.8 V or 25 Watt), GREEN the highest setting (4.2 V or 30 Watt).

The 15 second pre-heat feature and 15 second continuous heat function make cloud customization and vapor control, a breeze.

Please see our full Click, Blink and Light Guide for full instructions.  

Shatterizer Base

Remove the magnetic storage container from the bottom of your battery to insert into the customized and weighted Shatterizer base, the perfect place for desktop mode. The base will keep your vaporizer standing up and showcased on your desk, kitchen counter, patio table, or anywhere you want to keep your device securely displayed!

Shatterizer Quartz Triple Coil (QTC) with coil cap

The NEW QTC Coil and standard QDC Coil come with the BUBBLER kit… and a cap for each. The Quartz Triple Coil (QTC) with ridged coil cap is the most powerful coil in the Shatterizer Family! With triple the heating element and larger dab size space, we’re shattering expectations in vapor concentration and cloud density! 

Our top selling and beloved Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) is also included with a cap. All Shatterizer coils are compatible and inter-changeable and available in convenient replacement 5 packs. Caps also available in convenient 5 packs. 

Shatterizer Magnectic Silicon Lined Storage Container

Our magnetic storage container, at the base of the battery, is silicon lined and divided for safe transport of TWO of your favourite cannabis extracts. Don’t be divided on what to take with you, take both and travel conveniently. The ridged magnetic silicon lined storage top adds traction to screw lid on and off easily. 

Double-sided and engraved Dab Tool

The BUBBLER dab tool is perfect for easy coil loading! It is engraved and double-sided with a grip in the middle. One side has a diamond shaped pick and the other has a convenient scoop! This is the perfect dabbing accessory and useful for over 20 cannabis concentrates and extracts (so is your BUBBLER).  


Everything you need for a shatterizing experience is in the BUBBLER’s specialty “S” case. It’s protective, discreet and lifestylish for on the go, portable enjoyment, everywhere and all the time. Safely store each of your BUBBLER components for travel, while in transport or while not in use. The soft custom insert ensures every piece of your Shatterizer stays in place. This BUBBLER specialty case is high fashion and high function! 

Shatterizer Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) with coil cap

Our top selling and beloved Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) is also included with a cap. All Shatterizer coils are compatible and inter-changeable and available in convenient replacement 5 packs. Replacement Coil Caps are also available in convenient 5 packs. Replacement Coil Caps are engraved and labelled with either Sativa, Indica or Hybrid.  

Glass Globe Top

The BUBBLER kit also comes with our original borosilicate glass globe, for convenience! This borosilicate glass cover has been uniquely designed to enhance desired density of vapors, flavor and reduce vapor temperature for a smoother vaping experience.

Your Booklet

Welcome to the Shatterizer Family
Your QR Code & Customer Service
What's inside your BUBBLER Case
Water Filling Instructions
User Instructions
Click, Blink and Light Guide
Crystal Clear Cleaning Instructions
More BUBBLER info ... 

The BUBBLER combines the original, distinct and loved Shatterizer vaporizer characteristics, recreated with advanced tech and an innovative water feature attachment. It’s specialty filtration system to maximize bubbles, increase airflow and reduce vapor temperature! The BUBBLER is enhanced and empowered with NEW very bright up lighting and upgraded battery functions. It is easy to use, simple to clean and is very powerful, reliable, transportable and enjoyable.

Your BUBBLER by Shatterizer Vaporizer will come partially charged and in a protective, discreet, all inclusive travelling case which includes:

1 – BUBBLER Water Feature Attachment
1 – Shatterizer Desktop Base
1 – Shatterizer Original Borosilicate Glass Globe Top
1 – BUBBLER by Shatterizer Battery with Atomizer Base
1 – Shatterizer Quartz Triple Coil (QTC) with coil cap
1 – Shatterizer Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) with coil cap
1 – BUBBLER Magnetic Silicone Lined Storage Container with divider
1 – Double-sided and engraved Dab Tool
1 – Micro - USB Charging Cord
1 – BUBBLER Booklet including Water Filling Instructions, Official Shatterizer User Guide, Shatterizer QR APP Code, Customer Service & Warranty Information.

Welcome to the Shatterizer Family!

The NEW BUBBLER by Shatterizer battery has increased power, long lasting life, special features and comes with a standard and versatile 510 thread atomizer base. It charges in approximately 3 hours and it’s larger than the original Shatterizer models (Glass, Aluminum Black & Silver). 

preorder the shatterizer bubbler today!

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