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The PAX Plus is the ultimate dual-use portable vaporizer, designed to provide smooth and enjoyable vaping experiences for both flower and concentrate sessions. Here's a closer look at its features and benefits:

Versatility: The PAX Plus is built to offer the flexibility to enjoy both full flower and potent concentrate sessions from a single device. It includes different oven lids that allow you to customize your bowl size according to your preferences.

Experience Modes: The device introduces Experience Modes (Stealth, Efficiency, Flavor, and Boost) that can be easily controlled with the push of a button. These modes are designed to enhance specific aspects of your session, tailoring your experience to your liking. The best part? No app is required, providing intuitive control over your sessions.

No Burn, All Heat: The PAX Plus is designed to ensure that you enjoy the full spectrum of cannabis without burning it. It delivers heat without burning, preserving the flavors and effects of your materials for a satisfying vaping experience.

Easy Cleaning: Cleaning the PAX Plus is a breeze, thanks to the new 3D oven screen that is easy to remove and clean. The redesigned multi-tool and included brush make oven cleaning quick, simple, and hassle-free, ensuring your device remains in optimal condition.

Sustainable Packaging: The PAX Plus is environmentally conscious, featuring the most sustainable packaging in the PAX lineup. This showcases a commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Complete Package: The PAX Plus package includes everything you need to get started and enhance your vaping experience. It comprises flat and raised mouthpieces for personalized comfort, standard and half-pack oven lids for adjustable bowl sizes, a concentrate insert for potent concentrate sessions, a multi-tool for easy handling, a maintenance kit for cleaning and upkeep, and a USB charger for convenient recharging.

Limited Warranty: The PAX Plus offers a limited manufacturer's warranty, providing 10 years of support and peace of mind.

Elevate your vaping experience with the PAX Plus, the ultimate dual-use portable vaporizer. Enjoy the convenience of powerful and intuitive control, easy cleaning, and sustainable packaging while indulging in both flower and concentrate sessions.