Shatterizer Glow Ring

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Have you ever found that your Shatterizer is so discreet you can’t’ find it, especially the aluminum black model at night? Never loose your Shatterizer again, in the dark, watching a movie, or during that midnight session …  Our new globe glow ring is perfect for evening clouds everywhere, and all the time.  

For daytime use, this little band, will prevent your Shatterizer from rolling off the table if knocked over, or from rolling under the couch, never to be found again! Like a lighthouse on a stormy night – you can count on your little rubber glow ring, to light your device up while you get lit!

And just in case … follow these 3 easy steps on how to put your glow ring on (no really) …

  1. Remove the globe from your Shatterizer – our glow ring is compatible with all Shatterizers - Boroscillicate Glass, Silver or Black Aluminum versions
  2. Place rubber ring over black mouth piece working the rubber ring down to the centre point of the dome, at the half way point through the globe
  3. Put your top back on … and enjoy perfect clouds!