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The G Pen Elite is a cutting-edge vaporizer designed to provide users with an exceptional vaping experience. Here are its key features and instructions for use:

Key Features:

Ergonomic Design: The G Pen Elite features an ergonomic design that strikes a balance between compactness and portability while exuding an air of sophistication. It's designed for optimal comfort and ease of use.

LED Interface: The device is equipped with a brilliant LED interface that displays the current temperature and battery life with clarity and precision, allowing for customization.

Fast Heating: The G Pen Elite heats up in just 30 seconds, setting a new standard for efficiency and rapid heating. It boasts one of the largest chambers available, ensuring a swift vaping experience.

Fully Ceramic Chamber: The vaporizer's fully ceramic chamber allows for optimal heat distribution, providing a 360% heating capability on all sides. This results in an unparalleled fusion of flavor, efficiency, and customization.

How It Works:

Charge the Device: Begin by fully charging the device using the included charging cable. It is recommended to charge it for a minimum of 3 hours to achieve a full charge.

Remove the Mouthpiece: Remove the mouthpiece by gently lifting one side upward to detach it from the device.

Prepare Ground Material: Grind your preferred ground material finely for optimal results.

Load the Chamber: Fill the chamber of the G Pen Elite with the ground material. Avoid overpacking to allow proper airflow.

Power On/Off: Power on the device by pressing the front panel button five times in quick succession. To turn it off, press the button five times again.

Select Temperature: Use the side buttons to select your desired vaporization temperature. The G Pen Elite offers customizable heat options. Adjust the temperature until your preferred setting is displayed on the LED interface.

Start Heating: Once you've chosen your temperature, press and hold the front panel button for approximately one second, then release it. The device will begin heating up, and the LED display will indicate the temperature's progression.

Wait for Desired Temperature: Wait until the LED display indicates that your selected temperature has been reached. The time may vary based on your chosen temperature.

Begin Drawing: Once the device reaches the desired temperature, you can start drawing from the vaporizer. Inhale gently and steadily to enjoy a smooth vaping experience.


To maintain the G Pen Elite for optimal performance, follow these cleaning instructions:

1. After each use, use a small cleaning brush to remove any residual debris from the chamber. Gently brush the chamber's walls to dislodge particles.

2. For a more thorough cleaning, use cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Ensure the swabs are not overly saturated to prevent liquid from seeping into the device.

3. Carefully clean the chamber, chamber walls, mouthpiece, and connection points with the alcohol-dipped swabs. Be gentle to avoid damage.

4. After cleaning, allow the device to air dry completely before using it again. Ensure no moisture remains in the chamber.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will help prolong the lifespan and ensure optimal performance of the G Pen Elite.

What's in the Box:

- Rechargeable G Pen Elite Vaporizer for Ground Material
- 1 G Pen USB Charging Cable
- 1 G Pen Tool
- 1 G Card

The G Pen Elite is a stylish and advanced vaporizer designed to provide a top-notch vaping experience, combining style and functionality with features like rapid heating and temperature customization.