Groove Straight Tube 12" Water Pipe

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Groove Straight Tube 12" Water Pipe

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Discover the Groove 12in Straight Tube Water Pipe—a testament to simplicity, functionality, and reliability. Groove's Glass Line is synonymous with value glass products crafted from high-quality materials, boasting a clean and classic design with clear glass and stylish black accents that stand the test of time.

Key Features:

Clear Glass With Black Accents: Groove's signature aesthetic combines clear glass with sleek black accents, creating a visually appealing and timeless look.

Ground Glass Connections: This water pipe is engineered with precision, featuring ground glass connections that ensure a secure fit and seamless functionality.

12" Height: Standing at an impressive 12 inches, this straight tube water pipe offers both elevated performance and a stylish design.

14mm Bowl: The package includes a 14mm bowl, providing compatibility for dry herb enthusiasts.

Dry Herb Compatible: Whether you prefer dry herb or other forms of consumption, this water pipe is ready to accommodate your needs.


Groove's Glass Line embodies the essence of value glass products—simple, functional, and reliable. The Groove 12in Straight Tube Water Pipe is no exception. With its ground glass connections and 12-inch height, it delivers a smooth and impactful smoking experience that leaves no room for compromise.

Get straight to the point with the Groove 12in Straight Tube Water Pipe. Elevate your smoking journey with this meticulously designed piece that marries timeless elegance with uncompromising performance. Join the Groove community and experience the best in cannabis consumption.