KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer Pen

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The Galaxy Vaporizer Pen by KandyPens is a stylish and innovative concentrate pen designed for a top-notch vaping experience. Here are the key features and details of the KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer Pen:

Key Features:

Quartz Crystal Chamber: The Galaxy Pen features a wick-less quartz-crystal chamber, which ensures clean and flavorful vapor production.

Dual Quartz Rods: It utilizes dual quartz rods for efficient and even heating of your concentrates.

Titanium Coil: The vaporizer pen has a metallic element coil made of titanium, known for its durability and ability to produce clean vapor.

510 Threaded: The device is compatible with 510-threaded cartridges and accessories, providing versatility and convenience.

Wickless: The wick-less design ensures a pure vaping experience without any additional materials interfering with the vapor.

Deep Chamber: The deep chamber allows for a generous amount of material to be loaded, reducing the frequency of refills.

Elevated Air Flow System: The elevated airflow system helps improve the overall vapor quality.

10 Second Auto-Shutoff: For safety and energy conservation, the pen features an automatic shutoff after 10 seconds of inactivity.


The Galaxy Vaporizer Pen offers three temperature settings:

- 350°F
- 390°F
- 430°F

Included in the Kit:

The KandyPens Galaxy Quartz Crystal Vaporizer Pen kit includes:

- 1 x KandyPens Galaxy Quartz Crystal Vaporizer Pen
- 1 x Vape Tool
- 1 x USB Charger
- 1 x HardShell Carrying Case

The KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer Pen is an elegantly designed and versatile vaporizer, known for its quartz crystal chamber and powerful dual quartz rods. Its compact size and stylish finish make it a popular choice for concentrate enthusiasts who appreciate clean and flavorful vapor production. Enjoy a premium vaping experience with the KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer Pen.