LINX Hypnos Zero Vaporizer

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The Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer by Linx Vapor is a compact and powerful concentrate vaporizer pen designed for both new and experienced users. Here are the key features and details of the Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer:

- The Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer boasts a sleek and compact design, making it a stealthy and discreet option for on-the-go vaping. It's perfect for those looking for a low-profile vaporizer.

Wickless Ceramic Plate Atomizer:
- The vaporizer features a wickless ceramic plate atomizer, which preserves the flavor of your wax concentrates and delivers high-quality vapor.

Battery Life:
- The 650mAh rechargeable battery takes 60-90 minutes to fully charge and offers approximately half an hour of constant use. This battery life is typically sufficient for a full day of vaping for most users.

Temperature Settings:
- The Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer offers four different heat settings, giving you flexibility and control over your vaping experience. This is more than the typical three heat settings found in many vaporizers.

The package includes:
- 1 x Hypnos Zero Vaporizer
- 1 x Hypnos Zero 650mAh Rechargeable Battery
- 1 x Hypnos Zero Atomizer
- 2 x Glass Mouthpieces
- 1 x USB Charger

The Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer is easy to maintain. Regular cleaning and maintenance, such as cleaning the glass mouthpiece with alcohol and keeping the inner chamber clean after each use, will help ensure the device remains in excellent condition for many sessions.

The Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer is designed with innovation in mind, featuring a coil-less, wickless design. Its ceramic atomizer enhances the flavor of your wax concentrates. It's a great choice for concentrate enthusiasts and can compete with some of the best vaporizer pens on the market.

Please note that there is no warranty coverage or replacement available for tanks, coils, or other non-electronic parts due to the nature of the product.