Marley Natural Smoked Glass Water Pipe

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Marley Natural Smoked Glass Water Pipe

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The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Water Pipe is a testament to both strength and style. Crafted with a robust, thickly bolstered base, this beaker-style water pipe is not just a smoking accessory; it's a work of art that you'll proudly want to display.

Key Features:

Thickly Bolstered Base: The base of the water pipe is thoughtfully designed to provide extra strength and balance, ensuring its durability and stability.

Angled Collar Pull Out Bowl: The water pipe features an angled collar pull-out bowl for ease of use and convenience.

Eight-Slit Percolator Stem: Equipped with an eight-slit percolator stem, this pipe delivers exceptional filtration for a cooler, smoother smoking experience.

Ice Disc: Enjoy cooler smoke with the built-in ice disc, adding a touch of luxury to your smoking ritual.

Spacious Expansion Chamber: The expansion chamber offers ample space for smoke to circulate, further enhancing the cooling effect.

How it Works:

1. Fill the water pipe through the mouthpiece, allowing the water level to rise to about 1 inch (2.54 cm) above the tip of the downstem.
2. Pack your ground material into the bowl.
3. Wrap your hand around the smoke chamber.
4. With your free hand, apply heat to the bowl and draw through the mouthpiece.


Cleaning is a breeze with your Marley Natural Smoked Glass Water Pipe. All parts can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, rinsed with water, and dried with a paper towel, ensuring your smoking experience remains enjoyable and hassle-free.