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Newer to the scene, and making a big splash, Puffco has designed a great vaporizer pen specifically for vaping wax, oils and liquids. The Puffco Plus Vaporizer is both fashionable and distinct and has a beautifully designed ceramic tank giving its vapor a full bodied flavour. The Puffco Plus is a nice upgrade to its previous model The Puffco professional. The look is different, but they also improved the performance and vapor quality, which is really a massive improvement.

Puffco Plus New Features

The new Puffco+ has a mini ceramic chamber which serves to preserve the flavor of your wax. Overall the performance style and vapor quality has improved greatly. We appreciate the effort they’ve put in to upgrading this product!

Puffco Plus Vaporizer - style

The Puffco Plus Vaporizer is a sleekly designed vape pen. You just have to compare its look to other vape pens, and you’ll see. It’s small and portable, and fits nicely in your pocket. Great product for that person on the go. If discreetness is a priority to you, along with a high quality, well-functioning vaporizer pen, then this is the right one for you. 

Sesh Mode

One of the more exciting options that this has is its Sesh Mode ability. The Sesh Mode heats for 12 seconds, activated by double clicking the power button. Sesh Mode keeps the oven on which provides the user a longer time for taking a draw or to share with friends. In order to exit Sesh Mode, all you need to do is push the button again once. It will also automatically shut off if it’s not being used for 8 seconds, to preserve the battery life.


All you need to do is to take off the mouthpiece and hold the vape pen the upside-down. This enables all of the residue to empty out of the vaporizer. Make certain to permit the residue to come out into a towel, because this may get messy! Once the bulk of the residue has been drained from the chamber, all that's necessary is for the chamber to be thoroughly cleansed using cleanup swabs, or a Q-tip with a little alcohol. As always, make sure it is fully dried before using again.


A High Times award winner in 2016!

The Puffco Plus Smart Vape Pen Features

  • A Hands Free Vape mode called Sesh Mode
  • Convection Heating Technology
  • Deep chamber for 0.3g of vaping wax or concentrate
  • Ceramic Coil-less Atomizer
  • Well-over 30 vape draws per load going up to 50 on average
  • An Isolated airway for ultimate flavor
  • Temperature control from 190c to 230c with LED colour indicator
  • Vaporize various oils and waxes
  • A Vaporizer Pen made In the USA
  • Rated Best Wax Pen Vaporizer


The Puffco+ Vaporizer Comes With:

  • A Puffco Plus vaporizer unit,
  • Four Puffco Vaporizer cleaning swabs,
  • Replacement Puffco Plus vape pen chamber with cap,
  • Puffco USB charging cable
  • Puffco+ instruction book


Performance and Quality - Puffco Plus Vaporizer

The Puffco Plus vaporizer is a Vape Pen that has had numerous spectacular reviews with regard to its vapor quality and performance once vaping. It comes with 3 engineered in colour-coded temperature settings that make it a very accessible and simple to use Vape Pen. There is a cloud shaped button found on this Vape Pen and clicking this five times activates the Vape Pen. Temperature is then decided by using one of the three in-built temperatures. These temperatures can be selected by selecting one of 3 colors - there is a built-in light-emitting diode light that is employed to indicate temperature settings and it conjointly indicates battery life, which is a nice feature. Once activated, all the user needs to do is push the Cloud-shaped button to cycle through the temperature settings…..and of course ENJOY!

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