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The Proxy flower bowl is a convenient accessory that allows you to use the Puffco Proxy vaporizer for flower/herb consumption. It offers flexibility by enabling the use of any Proxy glass piece or accessory designed for flower.

With a quick plug-in airtight seal, the Proxy flower bowl securely attaches to the Proxy vaporizer. This ensures a reliable connection and prevents any unwanted leaks or airflow issues. The compact size of the flower bowl means you no longer have to carry a separate dedicated flower pipe, providing added convenience for on-the-go use.

By utilizing the Proxy flower bowl, you can easily switch between concentrate and flower consumption without the need for multiple devices. This versatility allows you to enjoy your preferred material using the same vaporizer, eliminating the hassle of carrying additional equipment.

Whether you're in the mood for concentrates or flower, the Proxy flower bowl ensures a seamless transition, providing a reliable and convenient solution for your herb consumption needs.

*Proxy base unit not included