Shatterizer QTC Coil Caps (5 Packs)

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Shatterizer's cap for the NEW Quartz Triple Coil (QTC) is tooled for good grip and makes loading product easy.

This product matches with QTC coils only and is sold in convenient replacement 5 packs to match.

They are meant to be reused and cleaned by simply soaking in alcohol and using a cotton swab.

Our QTC coil caps are customized and optimized for air flow and exclusive to this coils design (not compatible with QDC, CTECH or S Pod Coils).  One QTC Coil and QTC Coil cap are included within the new BUBBLER by Shatterizer...

Enjoy #PerfectClouds!  

  • Always use QTC Coils with QTC Coil Caps – they maximize air flow – minimize product waste!
  • They DO NOT need to be repurchased with QTC Coils every time, they are meant to be reused and cleaned.