Shatterizer CTECH Ceramic Coils 5 Pack

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Perfect Clouds

Compatible with Shatterizer Original, Shatterizer DabTabs Edition, Shatterizer Bubbler and the Zenco.

Shatterizer CTECH or Ceramic Coils, come in a convenient 5 pack. 

These coils are designed to work perfectly with your Shatterizer Vape Pen. Simply unscrew your old coil and replace it with the new one! It really is that easy! Now just continue to enjoy your perfect clouds every time!

Our ceramic technology is designed to get the most flavor out of your product. 

These are available in 5 packs and do not come standard with your Shatterizer Vape Pen.

These coils are for the true connoisseur! 

(Coil Caps required and sold separately

Shatterizer cleaning tips and tricks provided by the inventor