Shatterizer Lanyard

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The #PerfectCloud Lanyard is on the go “Take everywhere,” “never put it down,” “don’t leave it behind,” solution for You!  Check out these 10 easy steps to wearing your lifestylish new accessory and be a hit with all your friends and never have an oh sh*t can’t find my Shatterizer moment again.

How to put your #PerfectClouds Lanyard perfectly on your Shatterizer vaporizer…and wear it, lifestylish-ly!

  1. Make sure your Shatterizer is OFF before attaching your #PerfectClouds Lanyard (Click silver button 5 times to turn ON or OFF)
  2. Remove magnetic built in wax storage container at base of lithium-ion 18350 battery
  3. Slip black ring around Shatterizer battery and move up to the top of atomizer
  4. Move black ring to where the atomizer connects to battery (Shatterizer atomizer includes base, coil and borosilicate glass or aluminium globe)
  5. Check and make darn sure the black ring DOES NOT press on the silver button
  6. Reattach your magnetic storage container (please don’t loose it)
  7. While wearing your Shatterizer on lanyard, please don’t engage in rigorous activities! UNCLIP your Shatterizer from lanyard using the silver hook attached to the black ring
  8. UNCLIP your Shatterizer from lanyard while in-use and while charging
  9. Always make sure your Shatterizer is OFF while wearing on lanyard
  10. Thank You! Please enjoy perfect clouds, every where and all the time!