The “S” Pod, Shatterizer’s NEW Ceramic Oil Coil/Cartridge (5 Pack)

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Perfect Clouds

Use VAPE-ABLE oils ONLY – DO NOT vape with EDIBLE oils!

This product can be used with Nicotine Vape-Able oils.

This is an exclusive Shatterizer coil made for high end oils and products of higher viscosity. The “S” Pod is an intricate coil for the advanced vaper. Please follow the filling instructions very carefully. The “S” Pod has a 510 thread and the inside heating element is made of ceramic. Encased with borosilicate glass, to see the level and beauty of your product, this coil is designed for the fullest flavour! The “S” Pod lid is engraved with grooves for ease of use, refilling and cleaning. This ceramic oil coil is compatible with all Shatterizer batteries and Shatterizer original globe tops. Please Watch the below video now!


This specialty oil coil is reusable, refillable and disposable. Replacement “S” Pod coils are available in convenient 5 packs. Over several weeks of usage, the “S” Pod wick will “burn out.” You can gauge replacement time by flavour, as it depends on the thickness of oil vaped and frequency of vaping.

The “S” Pod is not compatible with coil caps for QDC and CTECH coils, or for use with DabTabs custom glass top.

“S” Pod Instructions:

- Unscrew the lid from the borosilicate glass coil very carefully.
- Be gentle holding the coil, the “S” Pod is made of borosilicate glass.
- Hold the opened coil in one hand upright, fill the coil with the other.
- Only fill the coil until you reach the top of the “S” logo.
- Coil holds approximately 1 ml or a gram of oil, do not overfill.
- Screw lid back on coil carefully, making sure it is sealed securely.
- Always use the lid and keep the lid on coil to prevent spillage.
- Keep coil vertical and upright at all times.
- Ensure 3 O-rings are in place: inside lid, on top of vertical centre tubing and at coil base.
- Allow liquid to saturate coil and wick for at least 15 minutes before first use.
- Soaking the coil before use is very important for taste quality.
- Thinner oils take less time to saturate the wick and thicker oils will take longer.
- It is best not to use extremely thick oils.
- Start on the lowest temperature setting “RED” to gauge vaping viscosity and flavor. Do not use coil without lid, or vape without Shatterizer original globe on top.

TO CLEAN: Turn off Shatterizer and unscrew coil. ONLY wipe outside lid and outside of coil with alcohol, to remove stickiness or residue. DO NOT submerge or soak “S” Pod in alcohol.

Use VAPE-ABLE oils ONLY – DO NOT vape with EDIBLE oils!

This product can be used with Nicotine Vape-Able oils