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Perfect Clouds

The Shatterizer vaporizer delivers perfect clouds, every time! Now available in silver or black aluminum models, we are pleased to offer clients the newest development in discreet, lifestylish, high-quality cannabis concentrates portable vaping. (Not exclusively used for cannabis products)

The Shatterizer vape pen is engineered to conduct a truly smooth inhale and exhale, releasing the fullest flavour through the aluminum globe shaped atomizer and mouthpiece. Matte on the outside and smoothly finished on the inside, these new silver or black top-notch accessory options have evolved so that clients can enjoy full flavourful taste of their concentrates, everywhere, anywhere and all the time.

We are pleased to provide clients multiple affordable tops sold separately, also available in clear borosilicate glass.   

Your Shatterizer Silver or Shatterizer Black will come fully assembled in an all inclusive vape kit, with a thank you card and user instructions – click guide. Your Shatterizer Starter Kit duals as a travel or storage box with:

  • 1 Shatterizer Atomizer: resin cover mouthpiece, silver or black aluminum globe, Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) coil and coil cap
  • 1 additional bonus back up QDC coil
  • 1 Shatterizer Lithium-Ion battery with 3 Stage Variable Voltage
  • 1 Magnetic Silicone Lined Wax Storage Container
  • 1 Micro USB Cord with Pass Thru technology

And of course, 1 Dab tool … used to load cannabis concentrates directly upon the coils.

To turn your Shatterizer on or off, simply click 5 times rapidly. The battery life of Shatterizer Black and Shatterizer Silver is impressive, delivering perfect clouds for over 40 hours during rigorous testing. The 3 Stage Variable Voltage lithium-ion battery with 1100 mAh, charges within three hours and has lasted over 70 hits at the highest temperature setting. To change temperatures simply click the device’s button 3 times. 

RED is the lowest temperature setting 
= 3.5 V = 16 Watt

BLUE is the medium temperature setting 
= 3.8 V = 19 Watt

WHITE is the highest temperature setting 
= 4.2 V = 23.5 Watt

All Shatterizer devices are 510 thread vape cart compatible! Just unscrew the atomizer base from the battery and screw in your 510 carts!

There is a huge variance in personal preferences for temperature and preferred products used. The Shatterizer is excellent for vaping shatter, resin, rosin, bubble hash, budder, live, crumble, wax, distillates and more. Please note the Shatterizer is NOT for use with dry marijuana or flower, nor for substances of high viscosity like e-cigarette juices. Please see our full FAQ. The hidden Magnetic Silicone Lined Wax Storage Container at the bottom of the Shatterizer is a strong way to protect and convenient way to store your cannabis concentrates, as well as separate them if need be from your device.  

To accommodate varied vapor likes and a diversity of cannabis products, in 3 clicks you can enjoy experimenting with the 3 different heat options. The Shatterizer Silver and Shatterizer Black also offer continuous heat for 15 seconds. This allows for incredibly long and deep inhalations generating massive hits, pulling surprisingly strong and similarly to a rigg with enail (for those who may be more experienced).

The Shatterizer comes standard with 2 Quartz Dual Coils (QDC), providing customers with a bonus back up QDC coil. Coil lifetimes naturally vary with usage and care – for first time customers this is why we include a back up bonus coil, as you gauge your use. Some clients like switching in fresh coils bi-weekly, others prolong the life of their coils through ritualistic cleaning. To keep your Shatterizer working and tasting like the first day you bought it, please read our awesome cleaning tips and tricks provided by the inventor

We offer Shatterizer ceramic dishstyle coils (CTECH) for those who prefer them and for cannabis concentrates that may be of a higher viscosity - it all boils down to personal preference. The coil cap ensures proper air flow as well as product conservation (ideal also for reclaimers).  All coils are easy to clean, interchangeable with Shatterizer devices and come in convenient packages with five coils. Our 5 pack of coils allow recreational connoisseurs and medicinal clients to keep their cannabis strains separate for ideal consumption practices.

We welcome you to join our global cannabis community of #perfectclouds and get social with us through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Please check out our blog for recent news and updates! Give the toll free Shatterizer hotline a call if you have any questions 1-855-678- VAPE (8273) or email us