Caution! Please Read ...


We’d LOVE it if you read through these warnings before getting started …

The DabTab will be extremely hot during use (exceeding 400C or “oven like temperatures”) and will still be hot immediately after use, so please be careful …


- For personal and individual use only. 
- Not intended for consecutive uses, please let cool in between sessions.
- If device gets too hot in use, please stop use and let cool for several minutes.
- Ensure silicon sleeve is always properly in place.
- Do not operate without glass top.
- Do not use if any component is damaged.
- Do not obstruct with clothing or other objects while in use.
- Do not leave heated DabTab on coil when not in use.
- Do not leave finished DabTab on coil when not in use.
- Use caution and always use tweezers included with DabTabs to remove DabTab from coil. 
- Do not touch, remove or clean coil until completely cooled, hot after use.

To Read our Cleaning Instructions click HERE.

- Do not travel with the DabTab on coil, while in vaporizer, may be hot after use, may damage glass top.
- Do not use if unusually hot to touch.
- Do not rough handle, dismantle, disassemble, tamper with, open, crush, drop or drop kick vaporizer.
- Keep away from heat sources and flame and do not store near any heat sources.
- Always turn off battery when not in use and store in a cool dry place.
- Do not use if it becomes immersed in any liquid.
- Keep away from high humidity and moisture.
- Do not use in or leave exposed to extreme temperatures, heat or cold.
- Only for use with Shatterizer accessories and Shatterizer products.  


To Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) click HERE.

- Use ceramic Shatterizer DabTabs Edition coils for DabTabs ONLY – these coils are not for use with product other than DabTabs.
- If you are under the age of 21, you are not allowed to purchase or use this product. 
- Not for pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, children or pets!
- Please use responsibly!
- Only available in legal states, where DabTabs are available.
- Discontinue use immediately if you don’t feel good.
- Do not drive while under the influence or operate heavy machinery.
- Please only use a powered hub or power supply that is certified and recognized when charging your device. 
- Lithium-ion battery should be recycled or disposed of in accordance with local requirements!