Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer: Frequently Asked Questions!

Congratulations you are the proud owner of the Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer! Welcome to the #VapeFamily! HERE are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  If we haven’t covered something you want to know, please contact us

We thank you for your interest in advance and … great question…  You can always call our Customer Service Hotline: 1-855-678-8273 (VAPE) between the hours of 10:00 am - 10:00 pm EST.

How do I turn my Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer on?

Click 5 times rapidly to turn on or off. Here’s our full click, blink and light guide. We hope you like our NEW highly visible base lighting.  Your vaporizer comes fully assembled and partially charged, so as soon as you receive it, you are good to go!

I can’t find my user guide (I lost the instructions that came in the box …)

View or Download Instruction Guide


What’s in my Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer Starter Kit?

Your Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer Starter Kit duals as a travel or storage box with:

1 - Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Atomizer

1 – Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Battery

1 – DabTabs Silicone Sleeve

1 – Extra Ceramic Shatterizer DabTabs Coil

1 – Magnetic Silicone Lined DabTabs Storage Container

1 – Micro - USB Charging Cord

What’s NOT in my Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer Starter Kit?

DabTabs extract delivery system, DabTabs tweezers and 5 pack replacement Ceramic Shatterizer DabTabs Coils sold separately.

You can get the 5 pack of replacement coils, right HERE!

What are DabTabs and Where are DabTabs available?

DabTabs are available in the USA! In fine states such as … Oregon, Maryland and Nevada, California, in your favorite dispensaries! Please visit DabTabs website to find your cannabis communities DabTabs pick up spot!

Also, Shatterizer LOVES DabTabs … that’s why we created the Shatterizer DabTabs Edition for DabTabs! Read why we LOVE DabTabs and the #PerfectTaste and less waste HERE…

What are your Ceramic Shatterizer DabTabs coils for? And what can I put into my Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Vaporizer?

PLEASE DO NOT EVER put extracts or concentrates other than DabTabs on the Ceramic Shatterizer DabTabs Coils. THANK YOU!

This portable vaporizer is completely compatible with all Shatterizer brand coil options and accessories. Including Shatterizer CTECH coils (ceramic) and Quartz Dual Coils (QDC) for shatter, resin, rosin, wax, budder, sugar, crumble, bubble hash, distillate and most cannabis concentrates (sold separately).

Read more about our Shatterizer CTECH Ceramic coils offered HERE
Read more about our Shatterizer Quartz Dual Coils QDC coils offered HERE.

Tell me more about Ceramic Shatterizer DabTabs Coils!

The Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Vaporizer comes standard with 2 Ceramic Shatterizer DabTabs coils. Coils generally last 2-3 weeks or longer depending on usage and cleaning care.

Please DO NOT use any other form of extracts or concentrates other than DabTabs on the custom Ceramic Shatterizer DabTabs Coils! Please read our “Officially Easy Cleaning Instructions for the Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer!” HERE

Replacement Ceramic Shatterizer DabTabs Coils come in convenient 5 packs. The DabTabs customized ceramic coils, are very easy to clean and offer the perfect taste every time.  These coils are the perfect shape for DabTabs and Do NOT require coil caps!

You can re-order replacements right HERE!

I don’t ever want to run out of battery power – How do I optimize the Shatterizer DabTabs Edition’s energy life?

Our lithium ion 1400 mAh battery has an automatic shutoff so the battery won’t drain if you are not using it. Think of your Shatterizer DabTabs Edition battery like your cell phone battery, try not to let it completely drain.

Charge the battery alone, please remove the borosilicate glass cover and coil (or atomizer) while charging. When charging the silver power button and base lighting will glow RED until charged. 

How long does the Shatterizer battery last?

A long time – on the very first charge (after a 2.5 hour plug in) the Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer lasted over 40 hours delivering PerfectTaste on the highest setting - ORANGE.

Please always use the custom DabTabs Silicon Sleeve while operating and ensure it is properly in place with all holes aligning!

What is the pre-heat function for and how do I use it?

The NEW Shatterizer DabTabs Edition vape pen battery has increased power and special features. The 3 Stage Variable Voltage lithium-ion battery has 1400 mAh and a newly developed pre-heat function.   The 15 second pre-heat feature helps heat DabTabs to its ideal vaporization temperature.

Click button twice to engage pre-heat function and the button and base light will glow orange until 15 seconds is complete. Click once to shut off.

What is that thing on the base of my battery and what is it for?

You can keep your DabTabs in it and please do! At the bottom there is a magnetic built-in silicone lined DabTabs storage container to make travelling much easier. Do not travel with DabTabs on the coil - it may break the glass top. This feature has been carefully designed to be attached and removed with ease and convenience.  

What is a 3 Stage Variable Voltage battery?

The 3 Stage Variable Voltage feature allows you to find your ideal vapor density and intensity for DabTabs. The Shatterizer battery is made of lithium-ion (18650) and it’s 1400 mAh and ranges in settings between:

RED the lowest setting (3.4 V or 20 Watt)
BLUE the medium setting (3.8 V or 25 Watt)
ORANGE the highest setting (4.2 V or 30 Watt)

Why are there 3 different lights? How do I change between settings?

To change temperatures click the silver power button 3 times until it changes to your preferred setting color through strength sequence. Different customers like different temperatures for different products– depending on your preference for vapor. Click HERE for our Click, Blink and Lighting Guide!

We invite you to experiment between the different levels in order to determine which taste, mouth feel and inhalation intensity and vapor density you prefer. 

Why would I change temperatures?

What are you looking for in the “heaviness of a hit” or “density of the cloud?” You can remember the higher the temperature, the larger the hit… but it will always be #PerfectTaste.

Is the Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer Waterproof?

No, it’s electronic… please do not expose it to moisture of any kind, or extreme heat conditions. You can read all the do’s and don’ts HERE (and please do) …


How many grams does the Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer weigh?

It depends on how many DabTabs you have stored in the magnetic silicone lined storage container and whether its attached. If you are looking for exact Shatterizer DabTabs Edition product specs – we’d be pleased to email you, so email us

How do I clean my Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer: borosilicate glass cover, device and coils – what do I do?

Please read our “Officially Easy Cleaning Instructions for the Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer!” HERE It is super easy to do and will take less than 20 minutes.

If your borosilicate glass is cloudy that is a great sign. You’ve been using your Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer, and using it well. Thank you for being a part of the community, we hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Why the continuous heat option for 15 seconds?

The Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer also has a continuous heat option for 15 seconds (with automatic shut-off) for those who want to make really, really, really long and deep inhalations.