Click, Blink and Light Guide!


Welcome to the Shatterizer Vape Family, we hope your love your NEW DabTabs Edition! To use and operate, simply click or push/hold the button and look for the bright light at the base of your flashy battery to blink ...


Please enjoy this "all in one" guide on how the clicking, blinking, flashing and color sequences and settings operate:

Click Guide
5 Clicks On
5 Clicks Off
2 Clicks Pre-Heat Function On
1 Click Pre-Heat Function Off
3 Clicks Variable Voltage temperature change

Blink Guide
3 Blinks – Variable Voltage change confirmation
3 Blinks – Unscrewed Coil, Base, Atomizer Alert
5 Blinks – Change Coil
8 Blinks – Auto Shut Off for 15 second heat option
10 Blinks – Charge Battery
Light Guide
Red light On when plugged in and recharging
Red light Off when fully charged
Variable Voltage Settings
Orange – HIGH – 30 Watt – 4.2 V
Blue – MEDIUM – 25 Watt – 3.8 V
Red – LOW – 20 Watt – 3.4 V

Flickering Light – Breathing Light – IN USE

Enjoy #PerfectTaste and less waste every time in your NEW Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer!  

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