A Historic Weekend at the First Indigenous Cannabis Cup!

A Historic Weekend at the First Indigenous Cannabis Cup!

It was amazing to be part of history at the first-ever Indigenous Cannabis Cup, hosted on the beautiful Smoke Signals property, amidst the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. Unfolding over first long weekend of summer, the full three days were a legendary success and we can’t wait until next year’s event.

Check out our Facebook page for over 50 pics of captured weekend highlights, we wish we had taken even more!

There was genuine unity amongst all attendees. The warmth and hospitality was so welcoming … we didn’t want to leave. Thank You to Jamie Kunkel, Melo, Jay Lee, Sonny and the entire team of volunteers who ran the event flawlessly, everyone went above and beyond!  Thank you for connecting us and bringing us all together.

There was sunshine and rain, as it normally goes over long weekends – and everyone blew #PerfectClouds! However, there was rain without worry, as a well thought out rain game plan went into action as the “main event tent” filled on the Saturday (with the lovely smell of wet grass and burning grass).  We loved the pizza party and glow sticks, camping and music too!

From sunrise to sunset the environment was diverse, inclusive and emulated the best of what the cannabis community has to offer, undiscriminating kindness and fun.  

Thank you to all who visited Team Shatterizer! We are absolutely thrilled to have made so many new friends!

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