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The Yocan NYX Atomizer goes with any power suit with a 510 thread and does well when empowered by the C.O.V. Mini Volt 40W Battery (recommended use between 15W - 25W). It delivers heavy hitting hero hits that are unstoppable (even by a freight train) through the channeled metallic mouth piece.  What is most formidable about this atomizer, other than its stainless steal look and strength in delivery, is the Airflow Button. Simply push the Airflow Button at the end of your inhale to release a secondary burst and powerful puff from it’s unique chamber. The Yocan NYX Atomizer provides vapers...

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In celebration of Canada Day and Independence Day, we’d like to run an extra special sale for our Shatterizer customers across North America – for the entire month of JULY! Buy 1 Council Of Vapor (COV) Mini Volt 40W battery along with your choice of either a Yocan Cerum Atomizer or Yocan NYX Atomizer and we will throw the other one in for free! Cheers to seeing double … The COV Mini Volt 40W battery puts a lot of power in your pocket.  Since it’s a mini and version 2, it won’t weigh you down and will keep you energized (excellent...

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