Appreciated Grow Up Awards

Appreciated Grow Up Awards

Thank you Cannabis Industry and Shatterizer Family! We’re Bubblin’ with appreciation! We sincerely appreciate the Grow Up Awards nomination!


Our newest Portable/Desktop vaporizer, BUBBLER by Shatterizer has made the Grow Up Awards list for Most Innovative Product of the Year, in the Equipment/Products Category! 

We really appreciate our Shatterizer family whose love and support has seen us Grow Up with even more #PerfectClouds! We are so thankful that you love our NEW BUBBLER by Shatterizer and we’re Lovin’ All the Love!

If you love the BUBBLER as much as we do, please vote before Thursday September 30th 2021!

2021 Award Voting | 2021 Grow Up Awards Gala

Vote for the best Equipment/Products Category = Most Innovative Product of the Year! 2021 Nominees ( Grow Up Industry Awards

Appreciated, Grow Up Awards!