August Cannabis Community Craze!

August Cannabis Community Craze!

It’s been an exciting August here at Shatterizer – and when is it not exciting? Things certainly haven’t slowed down in the dog days of summer … Please Check out our #Shatterizer Facebook Page and August Album

It’s been especially exciting within our cannabis community and extended Vape Family, with lots to celebrate, extra special events to attend, all while enjoying the great summer weather and perfect clouds. Looking for hot summer Shatterizer tips and tricks, click here!  

There are so many special moments and people to recognize... here are some Team Shatterizer highlights:

Abi Roach – happy birthday once again, we’re sorry we missed your 40th party - professionally and personally! As much as we love the Hot Box Café it was awesome to hit The Beach with you!

Meeting Paula of Ganjahnistas’s Cannabis Social Lounge, seeing the ladies of Khronik Kreations, and hanging out with Cy, Phil and Mel of High!Canada at the New HAMSTERDAM Indixer was off the hook! Thank you for the gorgeous gift bags and a good time with a lot of gals who outnumber the guys! Madison Banes of Naked News … we love your ongoing activism and coverage.

Warmest congrats to Tim and Legacy 420 on the Indigenous Awakening! Thank You to the 420 Radio Show Team, Al Rapp, Marijane Baker and Marcel Gignac, we loved hearing your creative broadcast on center stage!

Ellevan you never cease to amaze us! Please see Ellevan here live with special guest Karl Wolf performing “Pushy featuring Pressa” … trust us, this video is unbelievable

Thank You High!Canada & HotBox team again and again. We loved attending your official #MJBizCon Party! As always we enjoyed blowing #PerfectClouds with our friends: Phil, Mel and Cy of High!Canada, Jacqui Childs and of course Dog Pound Concentrates!

To Jacqui Childs – best selling author – as we write this, thank you for the ongoing encouragement to put pen and vape pen to paper, as well as your compliments - they mean so much!

Reena Ramperseed – not only did High Society Supper Club provide a delicious dinner for #TeamShatterizer infused with love (when we crashed her kitchen), but hearing her speak at Crafting the Future – Global Cannabis Women’s Summit was inspiring!

We are so thankful for all the support and our #TeamShatterizer has received from the Kootney Cup in British Columbia to JFrost climbing mountains with his Shatterizer in Newfoundland and Labrador!

WE can hardly wait to see our friends across Canada from Nova Scotia to Toronto and at the upcoming Karma Cup 2018! 

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Check out our #Shatterizer Facebook Page and August Album!