Big news from the Shatterizer pipeline - NOW AVAILABLE - Coil Caps and Hats!

Big news from the Shatterizer pipeline - NOW AVAILABLE - Coil Caps and Hats!

Heads Up Team Shatterizer now has Hats!

No crocs were injured in the making of these hats … so whether you like a red, black or faux crocodile brimmed all our Shatterizer Hats come snap backed – and flat billed and with different accents. We launched into our FALL collection with 5 hot models, just look for the Shatterizer RED “S”

Team Shatterizer Hats are now available in colours, shades and patterns like:

  • Solid Black
  • Black & Red
  • Grey & Red
  • White, Red & Faux Croc
  • Black, Red & Faux Croc

Fashion forward and shine protected – you can wear this hat, everywhere and all the time!

In addition to #TeamShatterizer caps we now have labelled Coil Caps too!  

Mixed up your Shatterizer coils? Don’t worry, we used to do that too, until we developed these … labelled coil caps Never ever play the mystery strain game again!

Coming in Sativa, Indica or Hybrid so do your cannabis concentrates and extracts

These coil caps are guaranteed for use with Shatterizer Ceramic CTECH or QDC Quartz Dual Coils

No more strain mix ups or coil confusion, match these coil caps to your product and coil type of preference (CTECH or QDC) and you’ve got a contained 5 pack to go

Keep your cannabis cap-ed on the coil, labelled with your selected strain, fitted in our convenient replacement 5 packs for transportability and organization  

Labelled coil caps are sold separately from the replacement coils because “some people prefer just not to label”

There are 2 unlabelled coil caps in your Shatterizer Starter kit  - we don’t sell coil caps individually sorry.

*** Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid labelled Coil Caps are ONLY available through our website currently and standard mail delivery – unless attached to an order of $50 or more.

Cap Care Instructions

  • To clean your coil caps easily and quickly, simply use a Q-Tip with some alcohol … or just soak your coil caps directly in alcohol …
  • Please don’t do the above with our Team Shatterizer Caps, we suggest you do your best to keep these limited-edition, official hats clean!

Thank you so much for being part of our #VapeFamily!

Sorry, Not Sorry, our Shatterizer Viking Hat ... is Not for sale ...