Brittney Sanger reviews the Shatterizer for Herb

Brittney Sanger reviews the Shatterizer for Herb

Tackling cultural conversations with a researched opinion, solid references, statistics and flair, we got the luck of the draw to be reviewed by Herb.Co’s writer Brittney Sanger earlier this week.  She’s covered everything from Bob Marley’s Exodus 40 Live celebration to providing Herb.Co’s community of 9 million cannabis lovers with tips on vaping secretly. Her repertoire is diverse and thought provoking. 

Please see the full review here, it’s beautifully written:

Our Shatterizer clients are diverse too in cannabis consumption preference and experience levels, and Brittney nailed it with her comments regarding our 3-stage variable voltage battery settings and its background… “Whether you are a pro at vaping shatter or a rookie, you won’t have any trouble finding a temperature that suits your level of expertise.”

She also made a sweet mention in regards to our “lifestyle versatility” through design …  closing her piece with “whether you are out in the world getting things done or kicked back at home with nothing to do, the Shatterizer makes for a wonderful vaping companion no matter where you are.” Thank you for your kind words.

This week alone Sanger’s published thought provoking pieces on Why Weed Smokers Make Better Boyfriends and on the topic of supporting the end of parental pot shaming in Why Weed Smokers Make Better Parents (In addition to her piece on the Shatterizer which is on our office fridge, next to report cards.) 

Brittany’s writing really captures the momentum of marijuana’s mainstream transition as more “suits,” our significant others and our parents are coming out of the cannabis closet … We can’t agree more with her heartfelt bio that says it best, “It’s a nice feeling to know that so many people feel the same way I do on the subject.”

We agree it’s high time to end the stigmas so please keep writing with your positive spin celebrating cannabis acceptance. Thank you for taking the time to write such an eloquent and in-depth Shatterizer review.       

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