DabTabs and Perfect Clouds over Oregon!

DabTabs and Perfect Clouds over Oregon!

Shatterizer VapeFam in Oregon, have you heard about DabTabs? Check out this video about the latest and greatest dabbing technology, our friends have reinvented dabbing…


They tested DabTabs on the Shatterizer portable vape pen and the results were: GREAT CLOUDS, AWESOME TASTE!

Dabble with DabTabs on Instagram, Facebook, and visit their website to learn more!

WEBSITE: https://www.dabtabs.com/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DabbingReinvented/
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/dab.tabs/
VIMEO: https://vimeo.com/dabtabs

Here’s what the DabTab team had to say on Vimeo!

We really enjoy using the Shatterizer pen with DabTabs because of the immense portability and ease of use. Just put a DabTab into the chamber, reassemble the unit, and turn it on! Wait a few moments for the DabTab to reach optimum temperature and release vapor; then draw as you would normally. It you can't finish a whole DabTab at once, just let it rest in the chamber - virtually no cleanup needed. DabTabs work well with many portable devices such as the Shatterizer - and keep the device much cleaner than traditional dabs. 

Find Gilt brand DabTabs in Oregon dispensaries (21+)!  The very first DabTabs on the market are proudly presented by our friends at HALO, experts in cannabis extraction. 

The incredible list below outlines the current stores you can currently find DabTabs - but do be sure to call ahead to confirm they aren’t already sold out …  

Canna Daddy’s Wellness Center
OG Gardens Wholesale
Cherry City Compassion
Club Sky High
The Green Remedy
Nectar (select locations)
Truth Dispensary
Portland Best Buds
Herbal Remedies
Cannabis Nation
Blooming Deals By Cannabis Nation
Today's Herbal Choice - Rainier
Today's Herbal Choice - Barbur
Today's Herbal Choice - Fremont
NW Compassion Medical Center
The CDC Dispensary
Homegrown Oregon
Homegrown Oregon West Salem
Budlandia (Woodward)
Green Goddess Remedies
The Arboretum
Oasis Cannabis - Newberg
FX420 -Roseburg
The Holistic Choice - Salem
Today's Herbal Choice - Mollala
Going Green Albany - Albany
Modern  Forest LLC - Lebanon
Going Green Sweet Home - Home
Sweet Tree Farms - Eugene
THClear - Lebanon
Cougar Cannabis - Roseburg
Sweet Leaf Springfield - Springfield
Sweet Leaf Eugene - Eugene
Sumpter Nugget  - Sumpter
Flower Of Life - Eugene
Eugreen Health Center - Eugene
Oregons Green Rush - Eugene
Eugreen Health Center - Eugene
The Arboretum – Florence

Congratulations #DabTabs!