Festive 5 Packs of Shatterizer Coils!

Festive 5 Packs of Shatterizer Coils!

Why not bring a festive 5 pack of Shatterizer coils to your next holiday gathering, along with your Shatterizer? We have 4 different coil options in our Shatterizer family of accessories: QDC (quartz), CTECH (ceramic), S PODs (refillable for vaporizable viscous oils) and custom DabTabs coils.

DabTabs Coils

DabTabs coils are available and for use only with the Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer, made specifically for DabTabs and DabTabs only! These ceramic coils are designed to be the perfect fit!

IMPORTANT: The Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer works with QDC, CTECH and S POD coils too!  Visit our product page to learn more! DabTabs are only available in select US States, currently.

QDC – Quartz Dual Coils

Our Shatterizer vaporizer starter kit comes with 2 QDC coils and 2 unlabelled caps. We suggest replacing coils every 2 - 3 weeks! When a Shatterizer coil “burns out” due to usage, it will blink at you like a Xmas tree ... Expect #PerfectClouds everytime with our QDC coils!

 CTECH – Ceramic Coils

Our ceramic Shatterizer Coils offer the fullest flavor and have a dish like design - making them easier to clean. Coil selection comes down to personal preferences – our Shatterizer clients feel they get even more taste from our ceramic option vs the “larger” vapor cloud which typically comes from our QDC coils. For the crafting connoisseur focused on flavors these CTECH are for you!

Both our QDC and CTECH coils require coil caps, if you don’t keep the 2 in your starter kit… don’t worry … we offer coil caps engraved in Sativa, Indica or Hybrid options, in convenient 5 packs to match our coils!

IMPORTANT: Our QDC and CTECH coils are perfect for 19 other cannabis concentrate products, not including Shatter ;) You can read more HERE! Please remember, no herb, no flower, extracts only.


The newest coil from Shatterizer is the S Pod is for highly viscous vaporizable oils ONLY!  It’s reusable, refillable and the inside heating element is ceramic made. This is an intricate coil for experienced vapers, WATCH the S Pod video below now!

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