Good News NEW Shatterizer APP!

Good News NEW Shatterizer APP!

Shatterizer Family, we are so pleased to officially launch our newest customer service invention for perfection. Our new APP and QR Code experience is designed with love and innovation, to ensure you have #PerfectClouds, right out of the box, right away, everywhere and all the time. We Welcome You to the Shatterizer Family, in a fun NEW digital way… GOODS NEWS!

This APP is built upon the insights of our favorite clients and all we are thankful to call friends. We totally reverse engineered this Shatterizer App around your top questions and the best answers, your favorite videos and most liked content. The Shatterizer App will be applied to all vaporizer kits and 5 pack coil accessories!

Upon registration and product validation you will have immediate access to videos, product info and our latest real-time Shatterizing News! You can re-access our entertaining education anytime and everywhere using your activated products unique serial code …

We’ve perfected this tech with our Shatterizer Mates in Australia, YPB Systems. We are excited to start global roll out our App, to some of our Shatterizer clients over the course of the summer. Expect #PerfectClouds in the forecast.  You may get a notice with your purchase and have a QR Code sticker on your product package. Thank You for activating and joining our cannabis community of Shatterizing Family, concentrated on extracts!

For more details, you can visit our official APP FYI Here!

It takes less than a minute to join our Shatterizer Family, we only ask a couple quick questions about you, some purchase details … and we list a menu of extracts and concentrates options you may enjoy Shatterizing… There’s space to tell us your favourites too. You can select as many cannabis concentrates and extracts as you like … we selected them all and tested them all on our Shatterizer too!

Each Shatterizer App and menu selection option is different – based upon your product purchase. There are differences between CTECH, QDC, S PODS and our DabTabs Coils… our Shatterizer App is specialized for each product and customized for You!

Here are your official APP instructions
With a Shatterizer APP QR Code You are Invited to join the Shatterizer Family by following these 5 steps:

  1. Please scratch off the silver bar and scan the QR Code
  2. An image will confirm your Shatterizer product appearance 
  3. Please enter the unique case-sensitive code revealed.
    You get three tries!
  4. If a perfect match, your Shatterizer product will be authenticated
  5. Please register with a couple quick questions and … Enjoy #PerfectClouds!

Thank You for Joining our Shatterizer Family and being the first in the cannabis community to explore and engage our App! If you have questions please email us 

Please keep reading for our For Your Info FYI Section - all about our newest Shatterizer App and QR Code experience.