High! Canada and Lift 2018!

High! Canada and Lift 2018!

High! Canada – thanks for getting our year off to a good start - Wishing You Perfect Clouds in 2018! Our first meeting was such a positive one with Cy and Richard.  We also had a blast at the High! Canada Magazine’s Annual Cannabis Industry Holiday Party with the warm networking crowd.  Thanks to our Hideaway bartender who leant us a golf tee … Since I forgot our Shatterizer dab tool at home …

We were thrilled to be included as Day 11 in the #HighCanadafortheHolidays 12 Day Giveaway. Thank you to everyone who entered for a chance to win. We extend our congrats to @bong_swanson, who’s excited to take his Shatterizer prize for a spin!

We’re happy to announce we’ve put together a part deux partnership with High! Canada! We will be doing another Shatterizer giveaway at LIFT Vancouver – January 12-13-14, 2018!  Visit the High! Canada booth for your chance to enter (stay tuned for more details) … we can hardly wait to see you there!We are also looking forward to High! Canada Magazine’s next publication – which comes out monthly!

#ICYMI you can access a complete collection of single issue downloads for FREE. High! Canada Magazine is both innovative and tech forward–in multimedia coverage, digital relationships and in the cannabis industry outlook shared.  Cy seeks to strategically (and genuinely) act as an informational bridge for “the giant and multifaceted” cannabis community. “We all play in the same field –community first and with inclusiveness, among all members.”

Enticing readers with top national pot content, gearing stories towards cannabis centric Canadians, uniting the industry independent of recreational or medicinal lines, at the helm, Cy the publisher is an insightful communicator, connector and techie for sure. The second he unboxed his #Shatterizer, he also started dis-assembling it. He’s an inquisitive story architect that sees blue sky and green space within the industry. The magazine shares diverse perspectives, angles, and it’s clear there’s a lot of care and compassion behind the source, all with a hopeful spin ... which is exactly what the industry needs!

Cy and Richard, via casual conversation caused us to reflect greatly on our 2017 launch year and we are truly honoured to be hash-tagged as a #ProducToWatchIn2018.

Digital Downloads of High! Canada Magazine are available at https://www.highcanada.net/singles-issue-downloads

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And make sure to catch Higher Perspectives on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUHSpjGCDibLI8f5Qlp1VKg/about