J.Frost our New Friend of Newfoundland & Labrador! Climbs mountain ...

J.Frost our New Friend of Newfoundland & Labrador! Climbs mountain ...

He climbs mountains and blows #perfectclouds on top, welcome to the Shatterizer Vape Family J.Frost!

We love this guy who hosts Cannabis Corner from Newfoundland to viewers around the globe, and let’s facebook it, because this east coaster is super cool. 

We first met J.Frost a.k.a Jesef Monty Frost, through the MUMM Society’s Harvestfest.  J.Frost was a highlighted entertainer and we immediately became friends and fell for the stories of his dog Sugar.

We couldn’t help but give him a #Shatterizer to use during his performance on stage. And well – he liked our Shatterizer’s performance as much as we liked his! And here he is climbing a mountain with his Shatterizer! And has gotten over a 1,000 views over night ... 

Check out that office space … and his Instagram @jmf709/ where’s he’s listed as “Aka. Dab Sajak, Glob Barker, Dabit Letterman, Vinnie Dabarino, Dabio, Jfrost Van Dab, or Frosty The Dabman!” Hilarious!

Thank you J.Frost for over 400 episodes of creative cannabis content, your wake and bakes, 420 pm shows and evening or late night sessions, hello to your thousands of engaged fans!

To our Vape Fam … make sure to check out his awesome library of cannabis coverage. Each video has hundreds of views and hundreds of comments …  

It’s pretty cool to watch him blow #PerfectClouds from the Canadian East Coast and he’s making a world of difference lighting up the cannabis community.

Check him out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jonathan.h.norris
Love J.Frost on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jmf709/

Please contact JFrost420 via personal email: frozensmilerecords@hotmail.com