Kushbury.com - Shatterizer Review

Kushbury.com - Shatterizer Review

Well, Kushbury.com team, you said it all in your opening statement. We can’t thank you enough for this Shatterizing line: “It Hits Like a Mack Truck but is stylish enough to bring with you everywhere.”

Meeting you at the High Society Monster Mash Up on Halloween was such a treat. Thank you for your interest, testing our Shatterizer …and creatively capturing the experience, in this block buster review!

Michael has a tech forward approach with his sharp style, looking right into the nuts and bolts and the components or ingredients of things. He certainly did his due diligence on the “anatomy from the bottom up,” of the Shatterizer.

Articulate, adventurous and naturally curious, Kushbury’s extensive portfolio of reviews cross canna categories, covering: strains, concentrates, edibles, vaporizers and lounges.

Thank you for your huge compliment describing us as a “new company at level of elite Vape pens.” Your comparison to those companies we are aspiring to be, means so much. We appreciate you putting together this phenomenal review, and being one of the first, at such at such an early stage of our launch, helping us grow our vaporizer's awareness. 

Kushbury.com has released over 200 personalized product videos, with hundreds of thousands of hits … we are so happy to be a hit with you!

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