Lift Cannabis Expo

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Lift Cannabis Expo

The Lift Cannabis Expo was the most holistic and canna-comprehensive conference the Shatterizer team has experienced to date. With the goal to ‘enhance industry wide credibility,’ these 3 full days hosted at the Metro Convention Centre in downtown Toronto, aligned exhibitors across budding Cannabis businesses. The genuine buzz on the expo floor and strong air of professionalism overcame the vapors adrift from the complimentary vaporium style lounge. Best practices and products were displayed side by side, by the corporate brands and entrepreneurial start-ups alike. It was an impressive and diverse mix of participators and innovators. 

The crowd went crazy for the new Pax 3: The Pax3’s perfectly timed 4:20 p.m. contest draw created quite an engaging stir throughout the audience. It was a really fun giveaway to see. For those who like concentrates and others who prefer dry herb, and those of us who truly enjoy both, this dual device is uniquely satisfying and versatile for all.  We get the excitement, it’s one of our top selling vaporizers at!

Miss Envy Botanical’s Bully Bites ‘extra special’ dog treats (100% fair trade organic) were certainly ‘best in show.’ We loved their friendly and fur-forward recipe for canine care, baked with some extra special tender love. Bully Bites are gluten, grain and soy free, infused with solvent free CBD.  Coming in the tail wagging all-natural flavours of Venison Blueberries, Wild Salmon and Turmeric & Pumpkin. Sound good? And for humans – we thought meeting  Mrs. Fudgemaker’s family was a delight and her Maple Syrup fudge was delicious.   

And finally, we’d like to invite the entire Ross’ Gold team to the podium! Meeting snowboarding legend turned entrepreneur: Ross Rebagliati, was an elevating experience. This Canadian icon, man of the mountains and master of the giant slalom was awarded, stripped and then re-awarded with his Olympic Gold Medal, over a THC positive test. Since his 1998 win, Ross has done a lot for the cannabis industry and its association to, and adoption within the realm of athleticism. It’s admirable to see him take his personal pot experience, fierce competitive edge and apply it to a strong business and growing brand. You can find Ross’ Gold in over 100 stores! Thank you for continuing to champion the debatably uphill battle and stigma attached to cannabis culture, acceptance, awareness and athletics.