Madison Banes and the First-Ever “Naked News Goes Pot” Edition   

Madison Banes and the First-Ever “Naked News Goes Pot” Edition   

Thank you to Madison Banes, Naked News On-Air Personality, yoga instructor, burlesque dancer, canna-activist, Karma Cup Judge and amiga! You’ve got to see what she’s uncovered in her innovative segment, the first-ever Naked News Goes Pot. What she exposed at Lift Expo, in Toronto this May was also her first-ever shatter/ dabbing experience with the Shatterizer!

Catch her Instagram post here with highlights:



You can catch her at the 5th Annual Karma Cup as she’s an honorary judge and check out her Karma Cup (rescued) Pup … ACE! PS Thanks again for loaning Val your shades … she felt super cool Shatterizing with You!


Madison loved her #PerfectCloud experience … and we love her! Thanks for this behind the scenes with our friend at Dog Pound Concentrate and Inventor Matt.  #NakedGoesPot thank you to entire cast and crew of for the highly professional interview, experience and in-depth coverage!

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