Marcel Gignac of KannaBliss – Shatterizer Review

Marcel Gignac of KannaBliss – Shatterizer Review

“Like snowflakes, every person is different and has different results with Cannabis,” describes the eloquent KannaBliss Technologies Founder, Marcel Gignac. He’s ahead of the global ganja curve, located in Nova Scotia … Canada’s Ocean Playground. With all the waves of change, provincially, federally and internationally, Marcel recognizes that “with the acceptance of Cannabis as a medicine the need for training is paramount.” In fact, he customizes classes for medical professionals and patients alike, around medicine, dosages, extractions, growing and cooking.

Marcel also encourages civic engagement via Members of Parliament so that “all can benefit from this healing plant.” He’s an all-round consultant and newfangled product developer - see what Marcel has been creatively cultivating here.

On November 1, 2017, slightly before 8pm - on his personal Facebook Page – we couldn’t be more pleased to have received his open and honest feedback regarding his #Shatterizer experience … if you will his personal dab diary.  


A Facebook Account by Marcel

Sooooo... on our last show we had Matt and Val from Shatterizer Canada talking about their vape pen. Meanwhile my co-hosts were both proud owners of this great new device. Me.... I had to take their word for it and wait a week. I said I would let them know what I think of their product because I am a nice guy and I love trying new and improved stuff. I also love concentrates so this sounded like a match made in heaven.

I like having a dab once in a while because hey we all need to escape at times but I don't like coughing, so I limit how often I subject myself to the torture. My very own Shatterizer arrived Monday morning and after all the hype I couldn't wait to try it.

The packaging was great and it looked sharp. Although I would prefer written instructions be included, their website is quite informative on use, care and cleaning. I plugged in the battery to start charging it, knowing full well that I could use it while it was plugged in, I had no problem waiting a couple hours longer.

*** Editors Note: Marcel we dedicate our new and improved insert to YOU …And are excited to announce it will be included in our new shipment …

First up was Banana Pie rosin. I placed a piece about the size of a grain of rice into the cylinder put the cap and mouthpiece on and took a hit. It was amazing! What first hit me was the flavour impact… like wow. Then I realized that I let out this big cloud of 'smoke' (vapor that would easily be mistaken for smoke) and didn't cough up one of my lungs. So I had another one just to make sure and sure enough there was that full flavour and no cough. I still had no idea how much rosin was left in there but decided I might as well use it up testing the other temperature settings.

 I found the lowest temp (red) seemed to give the most flavour with the least amount of 'smoke' while the highest temp (white) caused me to cough up big clouds and lung... but still not as bad as a dab rig. Regardless, I made it through with about 7 good hits, then remembered I had a conference call in the afternoon and I was toast.

After surviving the call I decided to celebrate with a few dabs and went with the Triangle OG rosin... you know.. for scientific purposes. This was not a mistake and in fact had similar results as earlier in the day with a large impact of flavour and little to no coughing. That was enough for a Monday.

I was told that this rig would do any concentrates, so I had to test it with hash. I went with a 20-micron Grimace OG full melt bubble. I don't remember a lot about the rest of Tuesday, but that is ok. I took today off from it to get some work done like write this... but I see it over there egging me on to put something in it.

I am sold on this product. Shatterizer has actually developed a product that won't collect dust on my desk or be given away. The only thing is I am not sure what to call it. It looks like a vape pen but really it is more of a portable dab rig. It doesn't matter… the thing is awesome. Now while I go load another selection to dab, you go check them out at


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