Mature students, don’t forget your vape pen!

Mature students, don’t forget your vape pen!

So … it’s time for some of us life learners to head back to school as mature students 21+, or perhaps you are cannaparents? Vape Family, whether your kids are entering Grade X or you are taking a course learning to grow your own cannabis at home – Don’t forget your Shatterizer Vape Pen (and replacement coil 5 pack and coil caps).

It’s been an incredible summer! With Labor Day coming up and the Karma Cup, we know the summer is drawing to an end, one last trip to the beach or cottage? 
The summer is fading away, fast. Fall is in the air and so are perfect clouds, not time yet to shut down the cottage.

But … can you believe it’s almost September vape family? Time to concentrate, extract the highest learning and use your Shatterizer to take the stress out of studying! Have you had a chance to try out the new Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer yet?

Looking for a secretive on-campus in-school solution? You may find yourself in more situations that require discreet consumption … and Team #Shatterizer can help …

Need to ship to a new “residence” or “dormitory”. Your order will be delivered in plain packaging box from S. Wellness – socks? Vacationing over Labor Day weekend … Check out where you can get our newest Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer and DabTabs…

See below – our high level Shatterizer recommendations …

Consider our aluminum model – silver or black – for on the go dabbing durability in between classes, during extra curriculars or while attending “socials” – the most transportable option.

Babe on a back to school budget? Our Quartz Dual Coils QDC and Ceramic CTECH coils are super easy to maintain, clean and re-use – simply follow instructions here from the inventor.

Long study sessions, great debates and thought-provoking discussions, we’ve got fantastic battery life and a built-in wax storage container to store extra cannabis concentrates on the go!

Have your Shatterizer and left your dab stick at home? Look no further then your back pack or desk, an ink pen cap lid, bobby pin or paper clip will do the trick …

We hope you enjoy the “Back to School” and “End of Summer” seasons … plan for a Happy #LaborDay long weekend #TeamShatterizer! Post your Best of Summer highlights, Back to School party pics, new shots with friends and get social with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.