May 24th National Scavenger Hunt Day … #StashNDash 1st Clue!

May 24th National Scavenger Hunt Day … #StashNDash 1st Clue!

In honor of May 24th National #ScavengerHuntDay, we’ve decided to host a little LIFT Expo – Pre-Game! With so many ganja guests coming into town we figured we could celebrate - post Victoria Day (which will be spent at the Indigenous Cannabis Cup) and pre LIFT Expo with a #Shatterizer #VapeFam #StashNDash.

Our first #StashNDash was a huge success with #PerfectClouds over the beaches (aka The Beach) boardwalk. See footage - clues were announced along the way and our winner had fun on the hunt … and so did #TeamShatterizer!

Now our last winner will have even more fun – with his new Shatterizer Silver!

You could be a winner too - Shatterizer Scavengers get ready, on your mark … get set and GO on May 24th

  • Rules and Regulations: there are three …
    • You MUST be 19+ to play
    • Share our love for #CannabisCommunity
    • Be cool by following Shatterizer on Instagram

#StashNDash will occur between 4:20 pm and 7:10 pm …  rain or shine – via INSTAGRAM!

  • Second clue to be announced at 9 am
  • Third clue to be announced at high noon

Your first #Shatterizer #StashNDash clue - the stash will be within 3 KM of the LIFT Expo venue at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre - 255 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2W6!