NEW Shatterizer Extracts - Official NEWS

NEW Shatterizer Extracts - Official NEWS

Shatterizer Inc. is pleased to announce NEW Shatterizer Extracts Coming Soon to Canada 

“Launching a Shatterizer cannabis extracts line has always been a dream. We are so thrilled to be expanding our Shatterizer lineup. We think of our clients and partners as Family. We are excited and appreciate this opportunity,” exclaimed co-founder Matt Zysman. “Your continued love and support enabled us to expand from vaporizers and accessories to a new collection of extracts products, like shatters and live wax, coming soon.”  


Developing cannabis extracts is a transformational opportunity for Shatterizer, as they continually evolve. Shatterizer’s innovative specialty hardware includes: the Original Glass Shatterizer Vaporizer, Aluminum Black and Aluminum Silver models. All are interchange able with a selection of QDC, CTECH and S POD coils and have been embraced by Canadian extracts consumers since the company launched in 2017.


“We are thrilled to welcome 8 Ball Kush Shatter, Gorilla Blueberry OG Live Wax and MK Ultra Shatter to the Shatterizer Extracts Family. We’ve got the Perfect View for 2021,” said Zysman.  Shatterizer Extracts will be available in ½ gram portions to consumers and all Shatterizer Extracts cannabis concentrates will be highly flavourful and very high in THC potency (please enjoy very responsibly).

Made with love in Ontario, using the highest levels of science, technology and quality extraction methods and processes, Shatterizer Extracts is proud to share these perfected products, coming soon.

8 Ball Kush Shatterizer Shatter is a solid indica with high density trichomes and flavours you can bank on, originating from King Kush and Bubba Kush strains. 

MK Ultra Shatterizer Shatter is transparent in taste and texture. Ground yourself in unearthed flavours, this indica Shatterizer shatter is extracted to perfection.

Gorilla Blueberry OG Shatterizer Live Wax, it’s a mouthful of full flavour and full-spectrum #PerfectClouds. Co-parented by the best strains, extracted from freshly frozen whole flower, this hybrid has been whipped and winterized, perfectly.


“Our very social grassroots cannabis community has expressed genuine interest in our pipeline of NEW products to come, so we’ve built a dedicated website for our new Shatterizer Extracts Family,” stated co-founder Val McCulloch.  “Customer dedication is the top and proven priority for us. is enhanced with 360 videos and is focused on creative extracts content delivery. With dedicated info guides such as How to Enjoy, a Glossary of Terps and Terms, and a fun FAQ section.”

We love and respect all aspects and facets of the cannabis industry. We are so thankful to all our friends for all the support along the way, you’ve shattered our expectations as a start-up family business. We look forward to celebrating our new extracts line with you and we welcome new members daily to our ever-growing shatterizing family. We predict even more #PerfectClouds and forecast many new innovative and enjoyable products in 2021.” Concluded Zysman.

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ABOUT Shatterizer Inc: Shatterizer Inc. is a rapidly growing cannabis extracts brand. Customer dedication and continual innovation are the top priority. Shatterizer has come about as a result of personal experiences and wanting to revolutionize what we consume and how we consume it.  Since 2017, Shatterizer’s family of interchangeable vaporizers and accessories are award winning and loved by the cannabis community. In the forecast for 2021 the Shatterizer Family is pleased to reveal “Shatterizer Extracts” for even more #PerfectClouds – coming soon!