New #Shatterizing Reviews - THANK YOU!

New #Shatterizing Reviews - THANK YOU!

We are so thankful for these most recent #Shatterizing reviews and compliments from our #CannabisCommunity clients. Warm wishes into 2021, please expect even more #PerfectClouds, in all weather!

These comments really warmed us up!  We appreciate the sincere and warm words you share about our business, products and customer service.

Here are our 10 most recent #Shatterizer Family comments:

1) Totally impressed with your company and the costumer satisfaction methods

2) The Shatterizer is a great product! Easy to use and love the interchangeable pieces to allow a variety of vaping experiences. Aside from having one of the best Concentrate Vapes on the market, they have the best customer service and they are great people to do business with

3) Thank you for taking time out for me, and just a customer like me. Complete respect!

4) Amazing All Round - We now have 2 different devices this and the DabTabs edition, me and my husband absolutely love both models. We prefer it to any other device we have had and absolutely love the service. This has helped our smoking experience more then anything and her customer service is amazing!

5) Thank you for reaching out so quickly, WOW! Thank you so much for all the help. Again, best customer service I’ve ever received. You are awesome!

6) Thank You for being the kindest person I’ve talked to on the phone in very long time. I’m excited to try my Shatterizer.

7) AH You made my day, Thank you so much for the good customer service, Ill big you guys up with fellow smokers out here.

8) I have to say.... I think I am utterly in love with the shatterizer. It works REALLY well. Thank-you again so much! Fantastic!

9) That was a fast fix (coil burnt out first time). This is a great device, as I use it daily.

10) BINGO This is a fantastic product!!! Shout out to Shatterizer #unailedit!! Not to mention the best costumer service I’ve ever had. If u don’t have a Shatterizer it’s time to get one. 5 starts plus rating.

Bingo, take the dog for a walk and enjoy some wintery #PerfectClouds. We predict them, everywhere and all the time! Please feel free to email us anytime - we are always happy to help! 

Please see even more reviews below. The names are made up but the compliments are real. 

Charlotte, Dispensary Owner, Client  I love the quality of the Shatterizer and the smoothness of CTECH coils …  labelling with specific coil caps makes all-day / all-night consumption on the go easy with the 5 pack, and people want the different tops for different occasions … all affordable for our clients!   

Ava, Cannabis Activist People really like the design of the S Pod for Honey Oil/Distillate, we’ve got people asking for it and about it at our bazaars and cannabis community events.

Daniella, “Perfect Product on All Levels” Coming from a large tabletop rig I couldn't imagine this would be comparable, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find in a lot of ways this is better. Seriously do not hesitate to buy. Shipping is fast, customer service is literally unbelievable, and the Shatterizer works perfectly.

Oliver, Client The Shatterizer DabTabs Edition is a must have if you are using DabTabs. This model Shatterizer is great for getting the best hits from DabTabs. It is so much easier than getting out the concentrate rig. The unit charged up quickly, has several heat settings and us easy to control. Got some really nice big hits using it the first time. It comes with a second heating element also. All in all a great vaporizer and a Must Have for DabTabs.

Mia, Retail Partner, specializing in the Boomers +, I love how simple and straight forward the Shatterizer is to use, my clients love it. It’s priced right, dependable, coils last forever, the button sequence is easy to remember, cleaning is easy and you can just load, click and inhale. I LOVE the aluminum SILVER! I never go anywhere without my Shatterizer.

Liam, Dispensary Owner Your new DabTabs Edition Shatterizer is a top seller! We love it!

Dr. X, Client I recommend Shatterizer to all my patients. I am a physician working for a medical marijuana clinic … I love it!

Emma, Client Honestly, after being a daily smoker for 33 years, the Shatterizer changed the whole game for me. I'm all about how it tastes. And it makes it all taste wonderful. True flavor.

Amy, Client Hands down the Best vaporizer for concentrates, period. This little marvel has been put through its paces in the past year and held up flawlessly! I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchases. The whole Shatterizer crew is dedicated to making sure you’re good to go. Thanks for the perfect clouds!

Amelia, Client This is by far the best vaporizer for shatter I've ever tried, and I've tried quite a few. It delivers a solid hit that tastes great and produces some nice clouds. Three power settings give you some options and combined with the 15 sec. draw time allow you to really tailor your hit to suit your taste. There is also the option of using ceramic coils if you prefer them to the dual oil quartz ones. Pretty solid battery life, if you're headed out for the day battery life shouldn't be a problem. While it takes a few hours to charge it does have the ability to be used while charging. The detachable magnetic silicone lined storage container is a great addition and helps balance out the device in your hand. It's very easy to use. Just use the included dab tool to apply some shatter(concentrate) directly to the coils, put on the lid, power up the device, hold down the button while inhaling and enjoy.

Lucas, Client Overall this is an amazing little vaporizer that delivers a great hit for a great price. If you want to take your concentrates on the go or just don't feel like firing up the dab rig you can't go wrong with the Shatterizer.

William, “Long Lasting - Big Hits” So I expected to get 2 weeks (each) out of these. My original 2 atomizers, and 1 I opened from this pack lasted me about 4 months, and I smoked it all day long (30+ hits) for weeks at a time. I did clean them a lot, a dropped (submerged) them in total ISO. I think I will stock up again so my supply will last a year. All I can think is hellya – quality :) 

Isabella, Client Fantastic & Durable product even better Customer Service. Great Pricing too! Would rate 6 Stars if I could.

DabTabber, Client The Shatterizer is a wonderfully effective Dab-Tabbing-delicious near-zero odor -- in a pinch go-to (with a remarkably delicate and tasty flavor profile) portable and lightweight, -- easy to use and clean, reliable THC oriented D/C electronic vapor device smoke solution. Outstanding product!!! Kudos!!!!!!

Lucas, Client Excellent product. I have owned for 3 months now and have had to change nothing so far. Still using original coil. Have had zero malfunctions, and it provides a VERY consistent cloud. In short, my experience versus similar products is that The Shatterizer is a better product, at a better price

James, The Best. This thing rips! The high heat setting is perfect for a nice sized dab. No other wax pen compares. Works great, excellent price!

Thank you Shatterizer Family for the personal and professional product praise … Sincere, genuine with perfect clouds always in the forecast … we are so pleased to call our Clients our Friends! 

It’s always HighTimes at Shatterizer Headquarters! “A must-have for your concentrate-lover”

 “The Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer Packs the Slickest Punch Yet” according to this MerryJane Review:

HERB thanks for the #PerfectReview of our original #Shatterizer! “Fresh design, insane cloudage, and convenience all in one!” Read more here: