Perfect Clouds Emerging from Ireland!

Perfect Clouds Emerging from Ireland!

Cannabis N.I., The Northern Irish website dedicated to cannabis "a medicinal plant, the peoples plant," recently reviewed The Shatterizer, under the mysterious pen name of “StonerBot.” We are pleased to report that perfect clouds are emerging from Belfast, Ireland.

At 122 mm high and 30 mm in width, we are happy to have the Irish weigh in saying:  This wee yoke is the dogs do-dahs … also describing the Shatterizer as “stealth” and a “beaut.”

“Instant dabs, no faffing about wasting near a minute of your life getting the quartz banger red hot then letting it cool down again before getting stuck into whatever you’re blasting on, be it rosin, shatter, wax, crumble, THC, CBD or even terpenes. There’s none of that life wasting with The Shatterizers dual quartz coils, click, 1,2,3,4 bam!”

You can read the StonerBot’s full review for Cannabis N.I. here.

We’re happy to be trending in Ireland with partners Namaste. Together we hope to “blow Ireland’s vaping scene wide open.”

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