Perfect Clouds over Vancouver @ LIFT Expo 2018

Perfect Clouds over Vancouver @ LIFT Expo 2018

It was perfect clouds over Vancouver for Lift Expo 2018 this week! It rained 6/7 days and yet no one in the cannabis industry seemed to mind at least January 12th - 14th. The High Canada Lift Kick Off party was fantastic – we can’t thank their entire team enough for their hospitality and friendly introductions. The High! Canada professionals are some of our favorite people to Shatterize with.

Dick, Phil and Cy – thanks for hosting such an amazing launch to the conference in such a cool Cannabis Culture based space! We were thrilled to bring out our friends – Calamity Kate & the Kobra Kai and pleased that

Shatterizer was part of the door prize giveaways. Congrats to Mark, the manager of Okanagan Cannaboid Therapy who won one…and we won High Canada T-shirts! Cannadian ApparelEvasdelicaciesRasta Pharaoh Extractions – great to meet growing fellow entrepreneurs.  

The VIP evening was outstanding at Cannabis Culture’s legendary location, where we met Jerimah the CEO and Pot TV Host & Editor CarlyMarly420… and their in-house pussy cats (307 East Hastings).

We enjoyed the Cannabis Culture vibe so much we headed over to the 1674 Davie Street location to meet with Tessa and Zack and the Cannabis Culture team in their “dog-friendly” head shop, dispensary and vape lounge. We are excited to announce now - you can pick up a Shatterizer there!  

Best in the 2018 Vancouver Lift Expo Show included:

We weren’t horsing around … in Vancouver – as soon as we landed we got the good news! The Shatterizer was a featured review in High! Canada’s newest issue - which you can download here:

Please also check out all our pics from Vancouver on our Shatterizer Facebook Page!

*** Please note we very successfully tested the Shatterizer with a British Columbia sampler of shatter brands, including but not limited to: Beard Brothers Collective, Big Bang Shatter #Kaboom, Unicorn Extracts, BC Nectars, Flawless, Headstache & Willie Wonka … … … #PerfectCloudsEverytime  

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