#PerfectClouds over the United Kingdom, ISMOKE Mag – Review!

#PerfectClouds over the United Kingdom, ISMOKE Mag – Review!

Thank you so much Tyler Green for your dashing review of the #Shatterizer on United Kingdom’s ISMOKE Channel … keep toking!

WE love your uplifting sativa style and Cannabis Inspired videos!

“Plug and play and ready to go” within this blog – you can see Shatterizer Review + TEST below!


Highlights from this video:

  • You do get a really good flavour from this thing – and – yes it does feel more like dabbing – Thank You for the compliment! #PerfectClouds
  • Tested on Gorilla Glue Rosin, Orange Crush, CBD Crumble - these sound delicious! We’re glad you got the fuller flavour on lower temperatures

Tips and Tricks we've learned along the way:

We keep our stickier products in the freezer so they become a little more brittle – and easier to load. It also helps sometimes we use a lighter on the dab tool to heat up the product and drip it onto the coils!

We have an incredible #VapeFam around the world and we can’t thank you enough for your time to do a complete Shatterizer review to SHARE!

Tyler, as the founder of ISMOKE, we love your Mission:
- To educate the masses on the benefits of cannabis.
- To break the stoner stereotype
- To help legitimise the UK Cannabis Industry and promote UK Canna-business

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