Shatterizer and DabTabs – the Perfect Match!

Shatterizer and DabTabs – the Perfect Match!

In the honor of the sweetest celebration, Valentine’s Day, we want to share our LOVE of DabTabs with our beloved Cannabis Community!  If you are NEW to DabTabs, here are some reasons to LOVE “Dabbing Reinvented!” … and our friend Tommy Chong loves DabTabs too!

This is by far the most innovative form of dabbing technology we’ve ever vaped with… So from perfecting our newest vaporizer “SPECS” to #PerfectTaste, we’re thrilled to release our newest device customized for DabTabs – the Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer.


Every hit tastes as good as the first hit, every time and any time! DabTabs offer a consistently fresh, bold, smooth #PerfectTaste, without the flavor of reclaim or residue left overs. DabTabs change color as they are vaporized because the DabTab actually contains the residue within itself. Here’s a SPECIAL MESSAGE on taking your top off …

Please visit our dedicated page! For our Spec Sheet, FAQ, How To’s Videos and other informal education pieces.

DabTabs are simply made of ceramic. They are filled with original extraction material from your processor (shatter, resin, rosin, distillate and many more of Shatterizer's favorite concentrate categories) and then contained within the porous ceramic matrix. There are no additives or fillers included in DabTabs, and each and every DabTab is engineered to hold exactly 50mg.

DabTabs technology release the extracts slowly and evenly making 50mg last longer, with less waste. This system keeps extracted terpenes from reaching combustible temperature which burns them off and their tasty enhancing benefits.  By containing the extract in an oxygen-free ceramic matrix, DabTabs don't oxidize and break down cannabinoids at the same rate as other concentrates. Shatterizer LOVES DabTabs because they are highly effective, efficient and enjoyable! 

The Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer is highly versatile and compatible with Shatterizer’s QDC (quartz) CTECH (ceramic) coils, S Pods and aluminum globe tops!    

DabTabs are made from a highly-pure, mineral based ceramic that holds liquid extract inside while keeping the DabTab dry in any environment. Until it’s time for consumption and until it reaches around 400°F, the ceramic matrix keeps the concentrate safely contained.

Congrats to DabTabs for being “the world's first and only lab certified, exact measured dose, naturally-derived cannabis extract delivery system.” DabTabs + Shatterizer = #PerfectTaste everytime. Whether you are experienced in the field of extracts and concentrates or new to this level of cannabis, you are going to LOVE the same things WE DO about DabTabs.