Shatterizer Brings Perfect Clouds to the Karma Cup

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Shatterizer Brings Perfect Clouds to the Karma Cup

The Shatterizer team is bringing the perfect clouds to The Karma Cup September 9-10, 2017 and the weather is scheduled to be beautiful!

Shatterizer Brings Perfect Clouds to the Karma Cup

The Karma Cup 2017 assembles the creative elite of the cannabis industry to recognize their hard work. This competition, festival and industry trade show draws the ‘Green Industry’s’ best and brightest together for two fully rewarding days. Over 120 product samples were submitted to a council of 200 unbiased voting judges, dedicated to identifying winning cannabis innovation over a condensed 3-week period of evaluation.

Tying into the NORML Canada Conference, the Karma Cup Speaker Series aligns collaborating trend setters and pot pioneers together to discuss everything from women’s leadership roles (cheers to Sarah Sunday -Karma Cup, Producer and Director) to the economic and legal ramifications in transition from “Grey to Green” referring to the changing regulatory landscape. With influential government backed keynotes Nathaniel Erskine-Smith MP, a Liberal from the beaches, and Dana Larsen’s who has previous BC NDP and Marijuana Party of Canada leadership experience - we are looking forward to an especially un-conservative comedic approach by legend Alan Park, who will share his portrayal of a very personal journey…

Amongst this dynamic and influential speaking line up, live music and cannabis’ finest aficionados, we formally invite you to come by our booth 24 (across from the main stage), and celebrate the debut of the Shatterizer vape pen.  YES - The Shatterizer has officially launched and we can hardly wait to provide an intimate reveal onsite. We formed this solid startup in January 2017, and we’ve come a long way in perfecting our product through the pipeline! Thank you to the community that’s supported us in our mission to deliver perfect clouds, every time, and of course test our shatterizing prototype along the way…    

The Shatterizer team will be working side by side our friends at Glacial Gold for this paramount launch event at the Karma Cup. Sharing in our excitement and dedication to excellence, Glacial Gold’s production process is one of the best in the industry and well reflected in all their extracts taste. They have truly mastered the craft of Sub-Zero closed loop extraction in their award-winning strains. Glacial Gold adds a 100-hour purge to maximize solvent evaporation and implements a 5-time distillation cycle, ensuring the finest shatter concentrations. We have paired up with them in this joint adventure and a daily raffle– details coming soon!

Over 3,000 people will be estimated in outdoor attendance, with 40 of the top vendors in the village. Haven’t got your tickets yet? Get them asap here – they are soon to be sold out. The Karma Cup’s 2017 Toronto-based location is soon to be announced!