Shatterizer......How it all began!

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Shatterizer......How it all began!

It all started at a local bar. We were sitting there having a few drinks, and then stepped outside for a quick puff on my Shatterizer™.

Of course, nobody knew what a Shatterizer™ was, but that was what I called my concentrate’s vaporizer. I don’t really know why, or when I started calling it my Shatterizer™, but at some point that was what it started to be referred to as.

My vaporizer wasn’t some fancy gadget, it was a Frankenstein like vaporizer that I had pieced together by using 3 different companies components that I could buy at a local head shop.

It’s funny. My friends would tell me they’d go to a party and see someone smoking/vaping on some vaporizer, and they’d ask them about their Shatterizer™. Of course they’d get a look like, “what the F are you talking about”?…

So, back to that day at the local bar. We’d stepped out for a puff, and as usual, someone came up to us asking what it was. We told them and offered a puff….to their content! This was a regular occurrence….yes I guess that does mean we might spend a little too much time at the bar, but that’s a whole different story.

After having this same scenario play out many times, one day one of us turned to the other and jokingly said, we should sell these Shatterizers™. So clearly we’d had a few…maybe more than a few, but it seemed to be a great idea at the time.

The next day once we sobered up, we started to look into this crazy drunken idea….and well, one thing lead to another, and here we are!

Shatterizer™ was truly born!

We are very excited to announce, we will soon be launching our own branded line of concentrate vaporizers. Shatterizer™ brand once a bar-room idea, soon to become a reality! Stay tuned!

Shatterizer™ as a company though is much more than just our own brand. We have decided to also launch our website as not only a store to market our products, but at the same time provide consumers with a site which will only carry the top name branded products. We understand that there are other great products on the market, and are proud to be able to offer them to our customers.

It’s our mission to make buying vaporizers and accessories, an easy and enjoyable experience. We’ve taken the view of limiting the number of products we offer, to only the best of the best at a reasonable price, to help speed up the process for our customers. We’ve done the work of weeding out products that we feel don’t meet the high expectations we have. Customer service is equally as important to us! We want our customers to feel like they are not only a customer, but also part of the Shatterizer™ family.

Our launch plans are as follows!

Shatterizer™ has launched first in Canada, and will shortly after in the U.S, followed shortly after that in the U.K. Each of our sites will give customers the ability to purchase products in their local currency, so to avoid unnecessary foreign currency charges.

As part of our launch we have set up social media accounts under the Shatterizer™ name. We welcome you to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+, and please subscribe to our newsletter, all of these links can be found at the bottom of the homepage of our site. We plan to use these tools to keep in touch with our customers and the vaporizer community. We look forward to sharing ideas, educational resources, funny items, and much more. We also plan on running some fun contests, which we hope you’ll take part in and enjoy!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or comments.

We look forward to working with you and building the Shatterizer™ family with your help!

Thanks you for your time!