Thank You!

Thank You!

Shatterizing family, over the weekend of 710 - OILDAY or “DabDay Eeeek” … we just had to share some good news with our friends first!  And were genuinely “WOWED” by your compliments, and everything said. The heartfelt notes, video messages and conversations flowed along with perfect clouds, as we revealed our newest edition.   We were blown away by the love and support of our friends in the cannabis community as we rolled BUBBLER by Shatterizer. Featured are some of the nicest “quotes” from our family we appreciated so much … thank you for being our highlight and what you said …  

“Never hit anything so smooth. Combining the element of water, adds a hole other level of smoothness and flavour.”

“Thinking of ALL the upgrades for a banging all new product: bigger battery and a bigger triple quartz!”

“So beautiful, I can hardly wait to try it …and then we did, 4 times in a row.”

“Of all my devices, it’s my personal device, set up next to my desk with the new QTC, huge a** clouds all weekend” …

“Holy Sh*t what? The packaging … the package.”

“The BUBBLER is awesome!”

“Another killer product from the Shatterizer team!!!!”

“This looks and feels super amazing! Always high-quality and affordable with Shatterizer. Woah – two sides on your storage jar … so much larger!”

“A NEW state of the art dabbing invention, we love it! You thought of everything for a traveling concentrates kit!”

“This is a showpiece, for my coffee table. I just want to showcase it, use it and showcase it”

“I keep it at night next to my bed, and in the day I pack it up with the case, it’s high level hits … I’m so good to go, without a torch and with a water attachment.”

“All I want to do is post photos of the lighting and bubbling and clouds…”

“Easy to fill and it regulates it’s self? It’s like a bong for your extracts! Only takes a little water”

“I’ve been waiting for a triple, look at that lid!”

“This is so F*cking dope. Hits amazing, used it right away, it’s going to change the world of extracts. We’re in love with the BUBBLER.”

“It makes my heart soar to see Shatterizer passion, hustle and new product success.”

“Just saw it now through your newsletter, congrats on the NEW product… well done, ordered.”

“F*ck, this is perfect for my Dab Bar.”

“Followed the QR Code like a personal tutorial and felt like it was Christmas morning, playing with all the new pieces.”

“I’m drooling. Really Nice Machine!”

“It’s off the hook for my SHATTER! This is going to be an immediate hit!!!!! HUGE Hit!”

“You really do have the best Stuff! Putting your whole hearts into developing products people want, need and love!”

“I’m so excited to stock them for my extracts lovers.”

“The BUBBLER is a blast – I can’t get over it and everything inside. The protective case is serious.”

“Your new dab-tool or dab-stick thingy is perfect for diamonds and sauce! I’m taking my kit everywhere with me this summer.”

“That water BUBBLER thingy is crazy … most innovative product I’ve ever seen.”

“The base … you Shatterizer people thought of every detail in this kit.”

“My diamonds have never tasted so good! I can hear it bubbling!!!!! Matt is a genius! It’s another hit time”

“Can confirm this launch was achieved. Awesome product 10/10.”

“I never put it down. It goes from my desk, to my bed, to my coffee table, to my dinner table …”

“Above the rest when it comes to all Shatterizer products.”

“This is an amazing new kit, with one hell of a kick!”

“Game Changer… that is all … MicDrop!”

“Best product on the market without a doubt. Designed by stoners for stoners.”

“Your innovation and vision is truly remarkable, from the beginning.”

“Poochie Approved.”

“Da Bomb.”

“Holy F*ck. This thing bangs! Work of art.”

“Going above and beyond expectations, again…”

“Can’t put it down. So well engineered it makes a little bit of shatter go a long way!” 

Perfect Clouds in a “Picturesque Spot" BECK 2020!
Hangin' in a picturesque spot @Shatterizer HQ 

We’ve been family for a long time! Thank you for making a statement with us and enjoying the BUBBLER by Shatterizer as much as we do! We want to continue to shatter your expectations with the highest level extracts experience, ever. We’re designed with love. Whether it’s 710 am or 710 pm – reach out anytime Thank you for celebrating with us.   

Please enjoy the official PRESS RELEASE (July 28, 2021) HERE
Shatterizer Family!