Thank You East Coast: Perfect Clouds reported over Nova Scotia!

Thank You East Coast: Perfect Clouds reported over Nova Scotia!

To everyone we met during our East Coast travels we greatly loved meeting you in Nova Scotia!  Extra special thanks to all the volunteers of MUMM Society’s 11th Annual HarvestFest and MUMMorial Cup and organizers, activists and good friends April, Debbie and Marcel, we were just happy to meet you.  

Nancy and Wayne, thank you for bringing us some homecooked raspberry scones while we were on the road – delicious! Av and Randy lovely to see you outside in the wild and not on the “conference” circuit! To Cindy of Belmont Pens, we loved meeting!

Reporting live and onsite for the entire weekend we commend Al Rapp, Marijane Baker and Marcel for raising MUMM Society awareness via One thing we love more than anything in the world is the creativity brought to the table during this festival - especially with Marcel’s John Cook honour award winning Chocolate Salty Balls – that– were delicious.   

From Higher Living Wellness, where there’s a Shatterizer for the community in their vape lounge- to chilling with entertainer and host of Cannabis Corner the one and only J. Frost - Newfoundlands finest.  

Thank you to Canada’s Ocean Playground – with such a great time had, we had to take our Shatterizer’s to Peggy’s Cove to experience perfect clouds off the Atlantic Ocean!

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